13 Questions You Can Ask to Increase FaceBook EngagementFeatured

Word count: 1,898 Reading Level: 11-12th Grade Reading time: 6.54 Mins

Are you having difficulties getting people to engage in your social Media? There's a good reason why bloggers are enticed by social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It's because of the potentially large amount

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How Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media go hand in hand

Word count: 533 Reading Level: College Student Reading time: 2.01 Mins

At a first glance, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Social Media are two completely different platforms, but having a strong base of followers on social media can greatly increase your SEO rankings with social media marketing.

SEO rankings

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Top eCommerce website conversion rate optimisation tips

Word count: 2,062 Reading Level: College Grad Reading time: 7.30 Mins

Operating as a Magento web development and design specialists on the Gold Coast we get to work with many companies specifically to fine tune conversion rates on their websites. For many eCommerce companies a completely new design

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How Google is set to rank your website in 2017

Word count: 627 Reading Level: College Grad Reading time: 2.17 Mins

Everything related to Google, especially, pertinent optimisation metrics evolves continuously. Unless you keep a close eye on developments and advancements related to Search Engine rankings, you may find yourself going in circles. I have spent a lot of

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131+ Top Twitter tools that will make you a power influencer on Twitter [Update 20-feb-2017]Featured

Word count: 4,557 Reading Level: College Grad Reading time: 16.34 Mins

With 317 million users (Statista, 2016) and counting Twitter is a behemoth in social media channels and should be part of your social media strategy. While Twitter's statistics look great on paper, it has some disadvantages for

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Google's Penguin 4.0 search algorithm: Everything you need to know for 2017

Word count: 961 Reading Level: College Grad Reading time: 3.29 Mins

Google has been teetering back and forth with their algorithm updates for over a decade. Commencing from 2000, we have witnessed a number of algorithms rollouts in the name of Bourbons, Pandas, Pigeons and Penguins. With all the

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How to guide for email newsletter marketing via Magento eCommerceFeatured

Word count: 1,586 Reading Level: College Grad Reading time: 5.46 Mins

The concept around email marketing campaigns has evolved tremendously in the last decade. Today marketers earmark more time to incorporate unique ideas and integrate them with the latest technologies available to successfully reach potential niche audiences and

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