6 Reasons Why Email Hosting With Extra Special Features Is Essential To Your Business

Businesses would find it impossible to survive without email these days if they wanted to beat the competition. It's the one thing that can improve your conversation rates more than anything else, which might mean millions of extra dollars could be made easily. For maximum success you want the right email hosting company, because some come with special features you'll want to take advantage of. We're going to look at the best ones Zimbra business email hosting offers, and why they'll be very useful to your company.

Collaboration For Increased Productivity

When you're working on projects with colleagues, it's absolutely imperative you can collaborate with them easily. You'll now be able to share everything with anyone, and productivity will skyrocket along with profits. Can you imagine how helpful it would be if someone could access information from your calendar or contact list without having to wait for you? You could even share mail folders so emails would be dealt with a lot quicker. Helpful things like instant messaging and video chat will also be available to use.

Taking A Weight Off Your Mind

An increase in productivity is great for your company, but employees still need to be looked after mentally. Once team members can look at your task lists and complete any outstanding jobs, it would take a huge weight off your mind. With a great email provider everything would be well-documented, so people would know those outstanding jobs had been finished. Everyone would be a lot less stressed out, and less people would be calling in sick because they'll enjoy coming into work a lot more.

Keeping Customers And Clients Happy

If you emailed a company and they replied to you within an hour, you would be absolutely amazed. You would tell all your friends about them, so shared calendars, color-coded folders, and the automatic filtering of emails will all help with word-of-mouth marketing unlike anything else. If the exact opposite were true and your customer service was despised, it could really hurt the business. Why would you ever risk throwing everything away by using an average email provider?

A Brand That Stands Out Among The Competition

You'll only stand out if you can make your brand stand out, and Zimbra will allow you to do it in style. Small things like rich email signatures and beautifully-designed email templates will automatically let someone know it's you contacting them. You can go even more in-depth by creating custom templates depending on who you're emailing, so it will be easy to make them as personable as possible. These templates will obviously be accessible to everyone in your company.

Doing Everything You Can To Prevent Danger

What would happen if a sensitive piece of information found its way into the wrong hands? There are so many ways it could damage your business, which is why everything going through Zimbra will be encrypted. A lot of times you'll find most email solutions aren't private in the slightest, but now you'll be able to know they're safe whether you're sending them internally or externally. You can go as far as the recipient of something needing a key to decrypt whatever it is you send them.

You'll Know Exactly What Is Going On

It's crucial to know what is going on at all times, and you'll be able to run entire projects through the system with every detail you can imagine available. Not only will you know what stage everything is at, but you can set employees specific tasks along with the dates they need to be completed by. It's all inside a perfect interface too, so you'll always know what is happening while being in complete control the entire time. It's also easy to keep tidy to stop you from missing anything.

Every Business Needs It These Days

The right email hosting provider with hundreds of different features is essential to every business these days. To try running everything any other way is only going to lead to problems, and even if you find one good solution it won't have the power to give your company all of the benefits we've talked about today. Once you start using it you'll notice your profits will explode straight away, even though the software itself is so cheap it's almost free.

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