9 Reasons to blog and work social media

If you have managed to get away from your business anytime recently and taken a walk around town or gone to a party. You will notice something striking! Everyone and I mean everyone is full engaging in social media on their phones. Just last week I went down town in Surfer Paradise, where we are based. I was amazed, there we all where standing in front of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and every single person had their head down and was glued to a phone or tablet.

What does this mean for a business owner or marketing team?

To be blunt if your using traditional media to market, such as; Print, Signage and flyers you're dead! Your dead because not only does know one care, except your family/friends you told, no one is looking. Everyone has their face buried in a phone or some type of screen and they are engaging in social media.

If you want to market you need an audience to market too

  • 1) So reason one why to blog and promote your business in social media is you need an audience. You can't market to an empty room. If you engage your business model in social media correctly you will not only have a big market you will have one interested in your niche.
  • 2) If you don't know this already, I'll reiterate. If your not in Google your screwed. You search for your niche and you must search well. Before you do anything work out where you really rank in google search. See previous article here 'how to check your websites Goole search rank'

    The question then is how does Google rank your website. The basic answer is Search term relevance. This then breaks down simple to who has a bigger or small relevance foot print. What is a big factor of that relevance? content is, how much you website content on topic and how popular it is in social media and in search goes a long way to your Google search ranking.

    Social media is a great way to share your ideas through content and engage with potential customers and influencers. In turn this will improve your search ranking.

  • 3) Blog content can be a snap shot, which shows potential customers, your company ethos, skill and manner. I'll use a negative example to illustrate this more clearly. A prospect maybe looking at your website and is close to engage in your services. They decided to check out your blog posts and see your company picnic was co hosted with a local KKK rally. The prospect is repulsed and doesn't engage your services. (I use this example because its happened to many people on social media).

    On the positive side and this has happened to me many times. A prospect may read an article on how to create a great logo or pick a domain name. They like it so much they decide to engage with you directly and end up becoming a life long client!

  • 4) Build a following of like minded people who want your services. The main problem with traditional marketing was you had very limited control about who your message went to, thus you wasted a lot of money targeting people who where not in your market. Well Santa just dropped a gift off and it's social media. Build a like minded audience and then market to them.
  • 5) Illustrate your companies skill set through blogging.
    If you solve a problem for people. Guess what they will be searching for a fix in Google. Clearly write about it in blogs and people will be flocking to you.
  • 6) Create value for your product or service by illustrating what you do and why your different in blogs. Then share those blogs in social media and watch the dollars come in.
  • 7) Test marketing campaigns cheaply and quickly. How much does it cost to post something in twitter? Nearly nothing, but the upside can be huge.
  • 8) Engage actively in social media and jump on local and global trends and capitalise before your competition even knows what hit them.
  • 9) Build your brand from multiple angles and channels. Create followings and content for multiple aspects of your business and capitalise. For us we focus on hosting, website development and design separately through multiple channels building the brand for different angles all at the same time.

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