A comprehensive Startup business checklist for entrepreneurs / Growth hackers

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A comprehensive Startup checklist for entrepreneurs

Starting a business, whether small or behemoth is a cumbersome task. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you have tons of factors to consider for laying out an immaculate groundwork for your business. Every entrepreneur has to consider these inevitable factors and the pertinent experiences are compiled together in this resource. Check out the most important factors necessary for setting up a flawless business.

Decide on the business type: The first step is to determine the business type. The factors like capital, profit etc can vary depending upon the type of business. Tax, bookkeeping, real estate, dental clinics, payroll services, software publishers etc are considered to be some of the top businesses as listed by Sageworks.

Investment: The Ideal means to raising funds for your business is to apply for a business loan. The rate of business loan approval has significantly improved in the past decade. If your business doesn’t meet the standards required for a loan, you can turn to microlenders. Additionally, crowdfunding is also another viable option that can help you raise money from people who trust and are willing to contribute to your business. Crowdfunding can also be a great way to hit the ground running with a team of advocates.

Marketing Assistance: As a small business, you may not have enough finance to afford an in-house marketing team. Most small businesses seek the assistance of freelancers, Small Media houses (like @mebsites) and advertising agencies. Schedule brief meetings with your local or virtual reputed agencies and ensure that you have a clear cut communication regarding your USPs, goals, budget, quarterly expectations etc. See how they can help you, as it is likely you won't have time to do everything yourself.

Online Marketing Ideas: Any business, small or large requires a compelling online presence to blossom. Start by setting up a mobile responsive, simple clear sales message and user friendly website. Plan a strong and compelling social media campaign to engage direct with your customers and the places they engage in. Don't go for volume go for quality and quality engagement. 100 real advocates will do 100 times the work for you than 100,000 disinterested followers. Your rankings will also reflect your influence via engagement. Setting up a business page on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram is easy and cost free. Be active on these communities and ensure that you engage with your followers. Human-touch is the key to engaging your followers and compelling them to engage you for services.

Setting up a business is not an easy task, be on the constant lookout for any signs of growth or depreciation, analyze it, find the underlining factors and act accordingly. It is inevitable that you invest a considerable amount of time to make your business a grand success.


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