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How Google is set to rank your website in 2017

Word count: 627 Reading Level: College Grad Reading time: 2.17 Mins

Everything related to Google, especially, pertinent optimisation metrics evolves continuously. Unless you keep a close eye on developments and advancements related to Search Engine rankings, you may find yourself going in circles. I have spent a lot of

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Traditional VS New Media Marketing strategies

Word count: 1068 Reading Level: 11-12th Year Reading time: 3.88 Mins

Marketing principles stay the same for the most part only the medium changes. To be successful in the highly mobile tech world of today you need to be where your customers are looking. It is a simple fact

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Anatomy of Google's Local Search Algorithm

Word count: 559 Reading Level: College Student Reading time: 2.03 Mins

Geocentric Local SEO is really important, especially for brick-and-mortar businesses. Users conducting searches from mobiles tagging their search term “near me” have been on the rise in the past couple of years. This really stresses the importance of

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Correlation between conversion rates & user generated reviews

Word count: 1,072 Reading Level: Year 11-12 Reading time: 3.9 Mins

Today, we have myriads of businesses offering both unique, common products and services. Competition is really stiff and each business is in an arms race, constantly battling to outwit their competitors.

The result? Potential customers are being

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How local businesses can benefit from major events

Word count: 912 Reading Level: College Student Reading time: 3.32 Mins

Major events can reinvigorate the culture, economy and social status of a host city or country. There are several benefits of hosting major events, such as; Common Wealth Games 2018, Gold Coast 600, Sporting events, that are usually

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A comprehensive Startup business checklist for entrepreneurs / Growth hackers

Word count: 464 Reading Level: College Student Reading time: 1.69 Mins

A comprehensive Startup checklist for entrepreneurs

Starting a business, whether small or behemoth is a cumbersome task. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you have tons of factors to consider for laying out an immaculate groundwork for your business. Every

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How to plan your eCommerce marketing calendar for the Australian market 2016/2017

Word count: 372 Reading Level: College Student Reading time: 1.35 Mins

Free Australian eCommerce Calendar download at end of blog

Running an online eCommerce store is always a humongous task that constitutes a lot of factors, such as; foreseeing sales opportunities and planning marketing for key yearly events well

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How to boost your content marketing campaign with hashtags

Word count: 479 Reading Level: College Student Reading time: 1.74 Mins

Hashtags have become one of the essential tools of getting context to your content marketing campaigns.

Content marketing is a strategy that enables you to increase your brand reach and pertinent services to a target audience. Hashtags are

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Google prioritizes location based searches for mobile users with latest adword format update

Word count: 307 Reading Level: College Student Reading time: 1.12 Mins

Recently, Google announced the integration of location based searches with its latest update on mobile adwords formats. The prominent use of the phrases like ‘nearby’, ‘closest’ and’ near me’ in Google searches is something that prompted Google to

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Insanely actionable content strategies that you'll want to try out

Word count: 542 Reading Level: College Student Reading time: 1.97 Mins

Content marketing is essential for online business success. Irrespective of whether you are doing a startup or have an established business, content marketing is the ideal means to introduce, reintroduce or create a following by providing something useful

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Growth hacking checklist to kick start your startup

The internet has revolutionized the way people connect and the fluidity they perform their business. Apart from becoming an integral part of our society, the internet has spawned infinite numbers of opportunities for businesses. However, surplus opportunities lure in myriads of savvy entrepreneurs, which creates an arms race of digital

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The inevitability of eCommerce-Social Media Integration: A meta study

Social Commerce is essentially being framed to be the next big thing. The introduction of eCommerce revolutionized people’s perspective of shopping and the internet. Over the past couple of years, Social Media turned out to be a proven platform that catalyzing the effectiveness of eCommerce websites. As per the

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Why is your content not being shared?

Creating awesome content can be a difficult task, but if you do not use the right strategies to promote it, all your efforts are in vain. Today, Social Media is considered the perfect tool to fuel your brand awareness campaigns, most switched on business owners use this platform to increase

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