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What it really takes to be successful with a blog

As many of my clients know I have often poo poo'd the idea of a blog for them. I have solid reasons for this and my typical objections are these; You need content, it needs to be professionally written and regular (Like weekly worst case). Most clients are happy to admit writing a regular blog is a pipe dream and we put it to one side until their in a place with time to do it (which is never because they are running a business). Then we work on the aspects of Website SEO which they can do.

The princple behind blogging for SEO

On the inter-webs there is a hierarchy large sites have more keywords more relivant information (if done correctly) so they tend to filter to the top of the search listings.

What a blog can do is increase the number of pages or sections with keywords in an ever increasing fashion. Forcing search spiders to visit your site more often, registering more keywords against your ranking making your site more and more relivant to the primary keywords and increasing the range of keywords. Its a sound princple.

The other harder method which is more of a pipe dream for most of us is having really compling interesting blogs, which users are so interested in they follow you like a celebrity. This is out of the question for most of us.

So what can you do to create blogs when there is no time

Better time it. Most business owners are busy because they are damn busy! So what to do? You can hire a content writter for drug money $1-10 a word in some cases. They will sweet talk you and you'll get one maybe two blogs a month or week out of it. Frankly this is almost worthless.

If you're not a celebrity blogging for SEO becomes a game of numbers

If your goal is to increase your ranking through blogging for SEO it is a volume, keywords game it is as simple as that.

One of my favourite sayings is you can tap a stick of Dynamite all day and nothing will happen. Hit it once with a sledge hammer and boom. If your in business you want boom from your SEO, real results fast and now.

Here's the real deal about what it takes

Forget once a month, forget once a week, hell forget once a day. This requires insane bulk. Lets start with atleast 3+ blog posts a day, with pictures, good England, keywords and lots of nice links. Thats just to start! you can and should ramp it up from there.

Now if you are a customer you know all about site analytics and your site will have dual analytics installed whether you know or not, so you are set. If you aren't give me a call or email we will test your site and install multple analytics user tracking software. First thing you need to do before starting is bench mark where you currently are in the market, note your average ranking, site traffic and time on site. Make sure you change your meta tags to tell Google to visit everyday for updated content. Then you can go nuts.

You lost me I'm not doing 3+ blogs a day

I'm not saying do it yourself. There are now inexpensive bulk content providers such as that will provide mass blog content relevant to your keywords and areas you want to market to. I can't say enough how useful this service is. They will even manage the posting of the data for you. There are others out there, but this is my favourite because it is Australian based.

Time to Drop your SEO bomb

Don't dip your feet in with this. I am giving you a gift here. Do the biggest bomb you can for three months testing a measuring as you.

Contact me if you need help or a blog setup. Wordpress is the standard, but I prefer Ghost as you have more control over the tags, meta data and urls. It is also a lot lighter and won't slow your hosting account down (unless you are with us). We can add either to your website.

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