Don't Throw Away Millions And Start Using SSD Based Magento High Speed Website Hosting

Do you really want to build and manage a very successful eCommerce store? If you do, Magento high speed website hosting is absolutely essential to your business. Even if you are running a WordPress WooCommerce site or small Magento eCommerce store it needs to be lightening fast. There is a solution to your problem available for an unbelievable price these days, and they're called Solid State Drive Based website hosting, either dedicated resource shared, VPS or droplet.

What Is SSD Based Website Hosting?

In a few moments we are going to talk about why Magento high speed website hosting is crucial for your own specific eCommerce store, but first we'll take a few seconds to explain what SSD based servers actually are to help paint a complete picture.

SSD based servers are quicker than the ones you're trying to run your business on at the moment. They are the Usain Bolt of website hosting servers, and are capable of taking any business to the next level. They're so quick the latency you would normally see when trying to retrieve data almost disappears.

They also have absolutely no moving parts, making data transfer speed almost instantaneous. This all sounds fantastic, but it's useless unless we can talk about how it will affect you in real time. Let's look at the top reasons why every eCommerce store should use SSD fast speed website hosting.

1 - You Could Potentially Lose Millions Of Dollars

Nearly half of all your traffic will disappear from your eCommerce store if a page takes longer than a few seconds to load. The fact stores are now using a lot more images, higher quality images, and videos will add seconds to your page loading time. WooCommerce and Magento high speed website hosting you could potentially be throwing away millions of dollars every year due to impatient customers, and you'll keep losing money every single day until you make the switch.

2 - The Sudden Rise Of Mobile Customers

At the moment, we're slowly seeing more and more customers make purchases using their mobile phones. Eventually it's going to explode as everyone feels comfortable doing it, which could lead to a big problem. Mobile shoppers still say websites don't load as quickly compared to when they're surfing the same sites on their laptop or desktop. You must have SSD website hosting in place before this explosion happens, because it will let mobile customers browse your store quicker than ever before.

3 - Customers Might Never Come Back Again

We've all heard people say it's easier to sell to a current customer than to find a new one, but let's look at what it really means. Unless you have repeat customers who keep coming back to your store you'll need to go out each and every month to find new ones, and on top of that it will make it almost impossible to build a scalable million-dollar empire. More than two-thirds of customers won't buy from a store again if they've had a bad experience, so SSD based servers can help with repeat purchases.

4 - Say Goodbye To Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Who does not want to run a WooCommerce or Magento store where all the previous customers will do a huge chunk of the marketing for them? The reason a small store can grow so quickly even if you don't have a huge marketing budget is because people brag to their friends about you. The opposite is also true, and nearly half of customers will moan to their friends and family about a bad online shopping experience. Considering a website loading a a few seconds too slow could greatly reduce customer satisfaction, SSD high speed website hosting will help with word-of-mouth marketing.

5 - Your eCommerce Store Will Never Crash

This is a particularly big problem mobile users are facing at the moment, and there is nothing more frustrating than an eCommerce store crashing when you've made it all the way to the checkout page. Would you really go through the entire process again, or would you buy from a store using SSD based servers because it won't crash on you? Not only will your store remain up when you only have a few customers looking for something to buy, but SSD means you'll now be able to handle a tremendous amount of traffic all at the same time.

6 - Receiving More Free Search Engine Traffic

Google specifically said the speed of a website is a factor in their search engine algorithm. You also have to include the negative consequences of a terrible bounce rate and average time on site, which your eCommerce store will suffer from if it's too slow. As long as your website is quick enough, Google will be happy to keep sending you free traffic every single month. It's almost as good as having a money tree in your back garden, because it's essentially free money you're getting month after month for the content you've already produced.

SSD Website Hosting Isn't Only About Speed

Hopefully you can see everything we've talked about always comes back to money. If you have high speed website hosting your profits will increase because of the various things we've looked at today.

If you don't have SSD based website hosting right now you're losing money, but I'd also like to present something else to you, which is also vital to the success of an eCommerce store. SSD based servers offers your website a huge amount of extra security, and considering the information an eCommerce store holds it's highly beneficial.

You already know there are no moving parts, so how will data be able to disappear? The SSD based servers don't even need to be cooled down because they never heat up. The stability is so good it will encrypt and decrypt everything without data being skipped over. The very fact you're using SSD high speed website hosting will also make the site less vulnerable to threats like malware and viruses.

SSD Based Website Hosting Is No Longer The Future

It's hard to say something is the future when it's already the present. You've only just not implemented it yet, which is a mistake so many stores are going to make over the next few years. You don't want to be one of the unfortunate losers, because you want your business to reach great heights. WordPress WooCommerce and Magento high speed website hosting is so important right now it's the biggest problem you're currently facing, so let SSD based servers save your eCommerce store.

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