Encryption not as you know it

When you see a large U.S provider has encrypted services you feel assured

Since the Edward Snowden man hunt it seems all encryption is not equal. Mega.co.nz and Kim Dotcom have been leading the way with user controlled encryption. Basically a process where no one except the user can decrypt the data held within. You would think everyone would be happy with Mega for providing such a service. I know I was and we use mega as one of our offsite backup repositories.

NSA/FBI and Daddy Merica don't like it

Even though the right to privacy is in the American constitution it seems this isn't a thing anymore and the US powers want access to your data. So when Mega annouced there unique end-to-end encryption the US has sort to put pressure on them.

Cutting off Paypal payments and creditcard processing

So the inside word is Visa and Mastercard put pressure on Paypal by threatening to pull processing if they keep providing services to Mega. Consequently Mega has had there facilities cancelled. Mega has been the peoples champion and offered free months service until something is worked out.

My question is, how the hell can this happen. This is anti competitive behavour at the least. Down right skull dudgery at its core. We as a company need this service it is one of the few third party places we feel very secure using. If the issue can't be resolved and Mega has to close we have all lost out.

Sully Sheperd (2015). Here is why MEGA got punished for using “End-to-end” encryption. [ONLINE] Available at: http://n4gm.com/2015/03/01/mega-got-punished-using-end-end-encryption/. [Last Accessed 03/03/2015].

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