Google prioritizes location based searches for mobile users with latest adword format update

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Recently, Google announced the integration of location based searches with its latest update on mobile adwords formats. The prominent use of the phrases like ‘nearby’, ‘closest’ and’ near me’ in Google searches is something that prompted Google to roll out the latest update. Furthermore, Google is also planning to set a host of new local search advertisements to assist businesses looking to take advantage of this trend, being driven by mobile users.

With this update, Google maps is expected to pinpoint destinations in your map results. For instance, if you love McD's, Google will pin it on your map results with the logo and will also provide you information on discounts available on combo meals, in addition to listing all the meals in stock. WOW! think of the potential here.

As expressed by Google, the latest update to its adwords format is ideal to increase the drive-in physical traffic to your business. The trends towards searching on the go has been increasing and Google addresses them as ‘I-want-to-know’, ‘I-want-to-go’, ‘I-want-to-do’, and ‘I-want-to-buy’ moments. Google has been offering some solid stats to second this move, especially for individuals who consider it to be a gimmick.

According to Google’s insights, more than 50% of the individuals who perform a local search on their mobile end up purchasing the product in a day or two from any of the stores listed in the search result (the number is higher in Australia than the global average). Additionally, “near me” searches have increased by a staggering 34X since 2011.

The latest move from Google has ensured that location centric searches are bound to rise. It is imperative for the businesses to foresee pertinent factors and understand the search patterns of the shoppers to stay on top. Technical SEO of websites will be a big factor in taking advantage of this sale funnel.


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