Google Wants to Rank Websites for Trustworthiness

Leveling the playing field of Search

Most peopple in the know understand that Google use an algorithm to test for quality in its search results. However Google searches corner stone is still in bigger, more and popularity.

This is fine for celebrity type ranking. However, if you are looking for credible information on a topic like Vacinating your Children, what do you find. The first hundred pages are from every witch doctor out there telling you honey and celery will cure Polio so you don't need to inject that death syrup.

So Google is working on a plain to add a trustworthness ranking to its search algorithm. Sounds like a great idea, however the complexity of the task is immense. It almost has a slight tone of Big Brother as well (I agree with the concept though).

The main problem with this idea is who makes the call whether something is trustworthy and how do they measure that. Is every topic included in the rating. Are some Religions more trustworth? Is a site like Torrentfreak or some of the hackers sites trustworth on topics and information, but possible untrustworth on character...

Spamming is untrustworth, but so is the practice of unscrupulous SEO on a site to make it ranking better than what it is. However, this is what SEO and some developers like us are constantly trying to do. Find little tricks and processes to cheat Googles system to have a positive effort. Will find a way to bet this yes we will.


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