Guide to finding powerful social media influencers in your industry

Marketing or promoting any business can be a daunting task, especially when you have no idea about how and where to start. Pinpointing the right marketing strategy to promote your small business can turn out to be tricky. This is where social media influencer marketing can turn out to be a godsend. Marketing via Influencer is the a method of identifying the people/pages with large active followings in your industry and marketing your products and services via the influencer to their audience to earn a greater impact on your wider target customers.

Identify your most profitable customers average persona

The initial step to finding the powerful influencers in your industry is to indentify your customer's persona. A Customer persona can be nothing more than a list of attributes that define your target customer. No need to over analysis your customers and try not to reflect your own ideas on what they should be and concentrate on the empirical aspects. The next step is to define your business goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). A conglomerate of these two data points can help you identify the hubs where the top influencers in your industry operate.

Industry Awards and research

You can easily find a number of powerful influencers in your industry by searching for awards winners related to your customers profile. You can also ask around to get some recommendations on top influencers.

Social Media

Use social media; especially twitter to acquire a list of top influencers. You can search Twitter with common hashtags related to your business and customer profiles to get a list of people who have tweeted on those hashtags. Filter through to their profile and make a list of influencers who have more followers. The approach them with your offer.


Seek out communities like Facebook groups or forum websites that raises topics related to your industry on a regular basis. Sign up with these groups and be an active member for better results.

Pro tip: Don't just spamming the posts with your offerings from post 1. Build you reputation first, then ease your products and services in. Yes, it takes time, but it is well worth it.

Use online tools

You can utilize online tools like Klout and LittleBird to sort out influencers easily. Tools like Buzzumo can also help you to find the most shared content on the web, which in turn is an indirect strategy that can lead you to powerful influencers by following the source.

Finding powerful influencers for your industry is never the end of it; it is important that you build up a mutual rapport with them, as they can take your business to great heights in a jiffy.

If you find the right influencer they can literal change the course of your whole business. Some examples; Katie Perry wearing your


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