How business can reap rewards from Pokemon Go

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profiting from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has set a new benchmark for augmented reality mobile games and viral uptake. This flagship retro throwback exploration game within a week after its launch has surpassed other big players in the app attention market, such as; Tinder, Snapchat, Twitter, etc in terms of engagement, daily usage, downloads etc. While the Pokemon Go craze has been prompting kids and adults to get off the couch and stroll around local parks, streets, stores, restaurants etc to bag their favorite Pokemon, tech savvy local business owners has been taking advantage of the situation by using creative marketing campaigns to lure in more foot traffic to their stores.

Utilize the location advantage

Pokemon Go Gyms are locations where the players join to face off with each other and to take control of the Gym. You can literally use a Gym as a hotspot for business because there is a guarantee users will converge and you can capitalize on this opportunity for the betterment of your business. To start, determine whether your store is located close to a Pokemon Go Gym by using the Ingress map or by simply loading the game map. One of the best means to lure in players to your business is by putting up a score board which gives out information like the team that is currently controlling the Gym. You can also take game screenshots to create a social media campaign with hashtags like #pokemongo and #pokemon. Purhaps you can even offer rewards for scores, attendance, caught Pokemon Go Characters.

Anticipate the Pokemon movements

Familiarize yourself with the game to anticipate where the Pokemon can be found. With this strategy you no longer have to worry about being close to a PokeStop or Gym. Rather, you can perform business on the go to attract customers. For instance, you can set up a stand where you expect people to flock to. From there you can promote, hand out samples, vouchers etc.

Note: Your local authority may have rules around street promotional activity so make sure you are not breaking any by laws. Also be mindful you are an intruder into the space. Therefore being respectful by adding value to the situation is going to be more likely successful.

Social Media updates

Another easily actionable means to lure people into your local store is by promoting the capture of rare Pokemon in your area via social media. Play the game yourself or get your staff to do it, post a picture of the Pokemon that can be captured on social media sites, especially twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, ensure you tag the location with your post. You can also try a promotional giveaway strategy to attract more people via social media. For instance, you could offer a reward in the form of a game badge, discount, your goods to those who capture rare Pokemon in your area.

The kind of exposure that Pokemon Go has garnered in a short period is a sign the this awesome exploration game is here to stay and likely expand. As a savvy business owner and marketer, offers a great chance to engage with your customers, the only limit is your creativity. Keep an eye out for any shifts regarding the game and act quickly to capitalize on it. No one will care if you are last one to the Pokemon party.

Anti-Pokemon Go Stategy

Inevitably there will be a segment of the community who don't get the game or who are anti the concept. You can also capitalise on this too. Offer worn out parents and dogs respite. Even go full opposite and do a Pokemon Go free zone.

Final words

Typically with this type of buzz going to the extremes can make you standout much more and the rewards tend to follow exponentially, while playing it safe in the middle can garner only a lite fizzle.


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