How to fix No WiFi on Windows 10

Slow close Win10 to no troubles

We are a busy busy office. Upgrading to Windows 10 was very an exciting prospect for our laptops stuck in Win8 hell. However the potential down time if something went wrong was an ever present fear.

We didn't jump right in on day one, two or even three we waited to hear about some carnage. No carnage so we go for it. The update goes smooth and we have three new versions of Win10 on our laptops. Great lets try it...eekk

Win 10 sooo slow soo painful

Win10 looks so good, but non of us can even use it because it has slowed our laptops to a crawl. We dropping weight, emptying storage and do massive defrag. It is still as slow as hell. We go through and shut down all the garbage services, with no great success.

Turns out Win10 reconfigs your virtual memory to mess with your head.

So first tip to even make Win10 usable.

  • Reset Virtual Memory

  • Got to
  • Search->
  • Control panel->
  • System->
  • Advanced system->
  • Performance settings->
  • Virtual memory, where you can increase your virtual memory.

    Click the auto manage option off
    Click custom and either enter the recommend amount or an amount larger if you know what your doing. Click set, then ok.

    Now Win10 is probably usable. Next problem, where the hell is the Wifi network!

    Turns out a lot of Hardware is not compatible with Win10 with its current drives. This was the case with our WiFi the fix wasn't to hard, but then on information on how to do it wasn't around, which is why I thought I write this quick fix.

    Back to control panel in Win10.

  • Control Panel
  • System
  • Device manager
  • Look for 'Network Adaptors', click the drop down
  • Look for your Wifi hardware (may have a warning on it)
  • Right click on it and select properties or Update drivers
  • Then update driver
  • Then browse my computer for driver software
  • Select a different WiFi driver than your current on and work your way through the list until you fine one that works.

    A restart is suggested between driver selection, though I found after selecting the right driver the Wifi available panel started showing available wifi networks.

    Good luck! We don't really do networking and PC repair anymore, though if you are a currently client we are happy to help.

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