How to improve SEO by modifying Magento Website URLS

Improving your Magento stores Search Engine Optimising can be a huge job. Some jobs are better left to professional SEOs. However, some are well within a mage admins skill set and access. One of these tasks is to clean up the urls in your store by removing the .html, .php or numbered endings.

A Magento webmaster can access and change these in the admin panel on the store. You navigate to... Configuration-> then select Web Page from the left hand menu.

Then Select Search Engine Optimisation tab and select Use Web Server Rewrites to yes. After selecting save. Magento will now create search engine friendly urls automatically for you.

You'll, notice Google search crawler will like your store a lot more now.

Next Step: Getting rid of the .html from the urls
Before url clean up:

After url clean up:
alt= Search Engines and users prefer suffixes to be removed from your urls

Make sure your in Configuration again, then select the Catalog tab from the right hand side. Then the SEO tab.

Now you delete '.html' from your Product URL and Category URL suffixes then save.

You are not finished yet, now go to cache and disable it and flush your cache.
Note: Make sure you flush your CDN cache as well.

Now Go to System -> Index and re-index everything. Then Enable your cache again and you are done.

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