Improving efficiency using Mebites Zimbra email business suite

Improving efficiency using Mebites Zimbra email business suite

Inspired by the book The 4-hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss

There are a few ways to beat your competition or improve profits. Being efficient in your and your staffs daily activities is one of the cheapest ways to add to your bottom-line and create more value.

Email is integral to running most businesses. Improving efficiency with your email system can greatly streamline your business. Streamlining communication to clients, stake holders and internally with staff.

If you have been using email long enough you would have experienced, at some time, a period where email didn't work. Business seems to grind to a halt almost immediately. The opposite can be true when you have a good email system, like Mebsites Zimbra email suite and you use all the features efficiently. Integration seems to be a key thing in business these days. Manage all or many tasks in the same place to improve efficiency.

Here are some day to day email functions which can be streamlined.

  • Compatibility
    Zimbra Webmail is compatible with an browser in any OS, Apple, Windows or Linux

    Zimbra will also work in any email client that supports SSL/TSL outgoing and incoming imap or pop servers.

    We also support exchange server on iOS and Andriod

    Our Zimbra system servers are based in Australia, Singapore and France on the major network trunks allowing for the fastest service possible to any major city.

  • To do list.
    Manage your daily, monthly task lists from within zimbra.
    Create multiple task list and share them with your team members (any zimbra user) and monitor the progress, with the progress chart. Change the priority for completion. Add notes, pictures, tables, code, with the full featured html cms for each task. Also create tags such as urgent, john smith, easy etc to highlight the task.

    You can create task list for anything and share them and collaborate. You can also sync your tasks to your iOS device or Android device with our zimbra exchange server and get instant updates to your schedule when your away from your desk.

  • Calendar.
    Create personal, business, activity or multiple calendars and share them with your team members. Create appointments from within the calendar and email appointment requests and allow clients to cancel or defer direct from their email to yours. Then share these appointments with your staff. Print your calendars to use as roasters.

    Also integrate your out of office auto replies right from the calendar.

    Active sync your appointment to your iOS device or Android device with our zimbra exchange server and get instant updates to your schedule when your away from your desk.

  • Contacts.
    Super charge your contacts. One of the most annoying things is not having your email contacts or phone contacts available to share. You can sync them with zimbra exchange server to your mobile device or vice versa. You can also add pictures and details, create contact lists and share those list with your team. A great example is a list of your team member details which gets shared to all the team.

  • Auto unsubscribe from mailing lists / auto move to spam.
    Joined a few websites and now your getting spammed to death. These marketing emails can clog up your inbox. From mebsites zimbra email you can unsubscribe right from the main panel with just one click. You can also move messages to spam folder in one move.

    You can also blacklist domains and emails from the preferences panel.

  • Advanced search.
    Zimbra has to have one of the best search tools in the market. If you are using the webmail it is lightening fast.

  • View change.
    Most mail clients have a view toggle (outlook, thunderbird). However zimbra takes it one step further with its webmail. With date, conversation, group and preview toggles and sorts. You can drag and drop and sort into colour coded folders. Mark important, quick sort or select for bullk editing. You can also toggle your email preview.

    You can also customise your environment with a selection of modern themes, from the preferences panel.

    When creating an email you have a full html cms so you can create fantastic looking emails.

  • Briefcase
    We are all pretty used to using cloud based storage and copying and pasting links into our email. What if you didn't have to do that. You can store files right in zimbras brief case system. Create colour coded folders for all your most used folders. No more waiting for files to upload. Just select briefcase from your attachment button and attach a file from within zimbra. This takes seconds instead of minutes or more. You can also share files or folders with team members right from zimbra. Imagine your sales force being able to attach the latest sales docs from a shared folder.

    Coming soon: Dropbox, Google drive, Owncloud integration.

  • Mebsites Zimbra can be used as a mail client too!
    We all run multiple email accounts. To compliment this you can share your mail folders within zimbra users. You can also add any email account like you would with an email client, such as outlook or thunderbird. So you can access your gmail, hotmail, yahoo or other email directly from zimbra and make use of all the tools.

    No more loggin in and out of different email accounts to stay up to date.

  • Out of office auto replies
    Set auto replies in advance and integrate this with your calendar.

  • Receive alerts instantly right on your desktop.
    If receiving emails quickly is important then Zimbra webmail is for you. As soon as the email hits the server you will receive an alert and the webmail panel will update automatically through the power of ajax. No need to constantly refresh like other email services. If enabled you will also receive a popup on your desktop, browser tab or a chime. So no need to miss an email.

  • Auto filtering.
    One of my favourite Zimbra features is the automated email sort. Wouldn't it be nice to auto sort your incoming emails. Sort them by invoice, web inquiry, sales, product or email address.

    Just imagine having all your sales team emails going to one folder automatically, your tech emails going to another. You can then combine this with the folder sharing feature and create a level of self management within your team. One of my favourites is sorting incoming sales inquiry into a shared folder for our sales staff. They all instantly see the new inquiries without the need for you to double handle everything.

    Use auto filtering to clean up your inbox.

  • For Owners and managers
    You can have a blind copy of all your staffs emails transferred to your account.

    You can create and manage email accounts via your hosting account with a few simple clients.

  • Export and import.
    Export/backup contacts, emails, calendars, from your preference panel with easy.

    Import contacts and emails from outlook or other email systems.

  • Email templates
    Ever feel like you are constantly typing the same stuff over and over. Yep we all do! that is why we add a email template system. All you do is create templates with auto fill fields so they are personalized and simply add them into your emails as needed. You can even create them when replying to someone. No need to double handle everything again.

    You can select to use the whole template or just the body. You can also insert your template into a larger email you have been typing. This feature is a real time saver.

  • Professionalism
    Add your own email signature using zimbra html cms signature creator.

  • When your bored you can even play tetris!

  • Chat live with your team members or other zimbra users using zimbras IM system right from webmail. No need to leave the office or interrupt what your doing to contact a team member just send them an IM from the webmail system. Track your IM from the inbox.

  • Live video chat with your team members or other zimbra users.
    IM or email isn't enough you can video chat right in zimbra from the webmail system. Catchup or get your point across face to face with your team. No need to have skype or Team meetup running or taking up bandwidth and monitor space.

  • NEW auto email followup. [Update 8/05/2016]

    Set your followup contacts/emails to prompt you to reply for either preset times or a custom time period. In practice John may email you and ask for you to follow him up in a week. Simply click the followup button from the main panel and select the follow gap and forget. You will then be prompted to reply to John in one week. Combine this with the template feature and save hours of work time a week.

    You can buy a zimbra email account from $1 per month here

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