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Content marketing is essential for online business success. Irrespective of whether you are doing a startup or have an established business, content marketing is the ideal means to introduce, reintroduce or create a following by providing something useful to your customers - all these serps relevant factors can bring in more business and add brand equity to your business. The following proven content marketing strategies will bring added value to your customers and prospects, then in turn profits to your business.

Define USPs and study your customers

Note: Do this first, before you spend one dollar. Not after you fail.

The first step to kick starting a peerless content marketing strategy is to define your businesses Unique Selling Points (USPs), for your product or service/s. Match your USPs to the requirements of your potential customer market to create an ideal customer persona. This is a vital step that can help you understand identify and market to the right customers.

Often subtle works better with content marketing. Consequently, you don't have to go head to head with your customers you can offer other content which they are also interested in.

Identify your customer hubs

Once you have created a persona for your potential customers, the next step is to sort out the hubs or communities where they usually hangout. Nailing this strategy will help you to successfully deliver to ‘X’ number of potential customers with minimum effort. Min effort for Max return should always be your goal.

Identify what creates ripples

Once you have identified your customer hubs, the next step is to plan what content to deliver. You need to invest some time to identify the content and ideas that have been shared a lot lately. For instance, if you wish to give valuable content to your customers, make it a point to use sources like buzzsumo to identify the topics that have been sharing most on the web. Important! Place link(s) to your site from the content you share. Also ensure you include meta, alt, title tags.

Optimize your website

Once you have shared awesome content to your customers, make it a point to optimize the landing page for each piece of content on your site, that is being shared. Ensure that the page is optimized by considering the following factors, such as; title tags, meta descriptions, optimizing images, page loading speed, interactive contact forms, newsletter signups, mobile friendliness etc.

Social media content marketing

Social media websites are a blessing to your content marketing strategy. Ensure that you market your content via all the social media websites applicable to your niche. Businesses nowadays are missing opportunities such as; rarely used Snapchat,, and Instagram for their content marketing. See that you jump into pertinent strategies right away. With 200 million users and counting, Snapchat can help you grow your business quickly. No, it is not just kids using it. Learn about a meta study conducted on the effectiveness of social media here. Look for what is hot in the Apple iTunes and the equivalent Google Store.

Upload fresh content to your site in terms of blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, videos etc on a regular basis. Go wild with your content strategy, foresee trends and be consistent.


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