Integrating your online Website business with your physical business

Two different teams Online and Offline

Often physical bricks and morter business move into online business. Often this can create a divide between the online activites and the physical activites of staff and stock movements. While the online business is small this normally goes unnoticed as a minor inconvience. However once things get going online this can cause growing pains.

Unknown features of Magento eCommerce platform

I have covered this before, but this is a great example of why Magento is fantastic for business. Magento has the facility to incorporate bricks and morter services and tools using its SOAP/API system. Mebsites has invested heavily in this and we have coded POS system, stock control, multi vendor systems and Quickbooks integration.

POS Extensions and integration

I am not trying to sell our products here, but we are the only option out there at the moment for a lot of these features. With Mebsites POS extension you can connect your barcode reader or register and POS stock control to your online inventory. We came up with this option when we found out some small business clients were actually running to stock rooms. One for the Physical store and one for the Online store. They lived in constant fear of staff accidentally taking stock from the wrong stores.

So we developed a system that connects your POS system with your online Magento Store. When a staff member puts an item through the checkout it is automatically updated online and debted from the available stock. Like wise when stock comes in this will automatically update the stock levels.

These features can be further expanded to have supplier and warehouse stock control and logistics. Furthermore it can all be tied to online accounting systems like Quickbooks online.

This small addition to your Magento store can save a lot of time and decrease captial investment in stock. Allowing you to streamline your bricks and morter business with your online business.

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