How To Keep Your eBay Customers Happy

We mentioned in another blog post about postage costs. It goes without saying that a potential buyer is more likely to purchase your product over someone elses if the postage fee is less than another sellers eBay listing, if not free all together. Work out the cheapest way possible for you to post the products you sell via your eBay store and then work those costs into the price of your product to make the cost of posting an item low or even better...FREE!

Make sure to check on your eBay listings every day, and depending on how many purchases are made daily, you may need to check several times. On quieter days, spend some time on pre-packaging your items in bags, or boxes, or whatever you use to post your products so they are ready to be labled and posted the next or the same day if possible. This is always a win for you and your customers will make comments of how fast the item was posted and will also keep them returning back to your eBay store. Be sure to hit that "Item Sent" button so your customer knows it's been posted and can eagerly await their parcel!

We all love feedback of the positive kind. Make sure to leave positive feedback, even if the sale wasn't that positive. A simple "Thank you for choosing our product" would suffice in instances where the buyer has taken a wee bit too much time to pay up. If they have been a dream buyer, then let them know you appreciate it, for example "Excellent eBayer! Immediate payment and smooth transaction. We welcome you back any time!" A lot of the time eBay sellers don't recieve any feedback which affects our sellers ratings, so placing feedback helps to remind your customer to also place feedback for you. If someone happens to leave negative feedback, don't reply and launch into a rant, a simple appology the transaction wasn't up to standard and offer to resolve the problem, kindly and professionally, if this hasn't been sorted out BEFORE the feedback.

Sometimes buying online can be a bit daunting, especially when buying new products. It's easy to offer a refund or replacement on faulty items. Seeing the eBay seller will offer a refund acts as a safety blanket for potential customers.

We're not perfect. Sometimes there is are going to be mistakes made, whether you have posted the wrong item, size, colour or perhaps the item has been lost or damaged in the post. It's not going to happen often but when it does, own up to it. Apologise profusely and correct the problem, with your refund, replacement, a freebie, or sometimes we have to re-send the product if it's been lost or damaged. If your products are of higher cost then always use a courier service to avoid items being lost in the post. Losing $10 due to replacement is far less painful than losing $100.

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