Tricks for Attractive eBay Listings


Be sure to use key words in your eBay listing Title. Use obvious words and variations of words and in descriptions of your product, that other people might use when searching. Make sure you include key words again throughout your product description. This will ensure that your eBay listing will be seen even if the person searching for a particular product doesn't really know the correct name or term for said product.


Use enough for a potential buyer to purchase your product over your comeptitions.
Be sure to take photos of specific features of your product, especially stand out features that make your product better than others. Make sure your photos are NOT blury, upside down, over exposed, too bright or not bright enough.
Take pictures from different angles and your product in use if possible. People love to see how the product is used.
Another fantastic tip is to include a video (make a YouTube video and link it) of your product in use, and again make sure you include any features that makes yours stand out above the rest. Don't make the video too long however, 30 seconds is ample. There are pleanty of free video editing software downloads, and even apps for your iPhone or Samsung etc. The video doesn't have to be professional, it just needs to show your product off.


Small or free postage on your eBay listing is a lot more attractive than having to pay and extra $8 on top of the item price. It's simple really, just include the cost of postage into your listing to make it appear that postage is FREE for local standard post, or just a small amount for international post. If the buyer would like a "track and trace" then to charge the buyer for that is totally exceptable. Be sure to outline all postage costs in your eBay listing.
Work out the cheapest most cost effective way to post your items. For example, bulk buying "Large Letter" sized boxes works great, can be cut down/in half if need be. eBay is actually a pretty great way to find such boxes or bags or whatever works best for your product. Your local post office will have a booklet outlining all costs of sending sizes and weights etc for both local and international.

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