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We all love our coffee in the tech and business world. It literally can be the only thing that gets you through a long day or late night of work. Dave Asprey the founder of has been pushing his Bullet Proof Coffee for a while. I have tried it and it really does have a positive effect. Not only does it give you lots of energy and a clear mind. It also stops a lot of those constant sugar cravings you get when you're pushing your mind to the limit running a business late into the night. Being a hacker type of coder and a miser. I had to see what would happen if I made my own budget Aussie version.

I find Dave's version of why it is effective a little to full of woo, but if you want to see him making the real deal and explaining the magic behind it you can on this link here. By all means order some of the real deal if you wish and test the difference yourself I am not saying it is not good. Otherwise here is my rough and ready Aussie budget version I drink every morning.

In short without the hype - The theory behind the coffee is the brain loves stimulants (Caffeine) and prefers to run on Ketones (from fat) for energy rather than Glucose from sugars. The blending makes it more available through the gut. True or not the effect is noticeable and lasting. I certainly have an energy boost above just the coffee effect and have nearly no sugar cravings all day.

Normally powering through candy bars while coding is a real problem for me...I just need suugarrrr to think. Not on this coffee mix though. I can go all day and not even feel like eating once. I need to set reminders to make sure I get some eats.

Warning: This is not medical advice and I am not a medical professional. If you run into problems with this and poo your pants in a meeting or have a heart attack do not blame us. Take some responsibility for yourself and check to it first and make sure you are in good health. Also check my words of warning at the end for tips and cautions before you power into this recipe without reading the whole blog post.

Aussie Gold Coast tech coffee

1. Good old Aussie butter unsalted, I just grab what every is on special long as it is from either Oz or New Zealand. [Edit: Organic seems nicer tasting]
2. Bushells Classic Coffee, not the good kind the dirty old big tin kind (no decaff).
3. Coconut oil or MCT oil from the health store. Either is fine Coconut oil you can find in Coles in the Asian foods section and its around $3 for a months worth and there is little difference between the two effect wise.[Edit:Yes, MCT has more medium chain triglyceride, I am referring to taste and my physical.]
4. Sugar to taste.
5. Full Cream Milk to taste fats not an issue with this.
6. Boiling water.
7. Blender.

Boil your water and poor about a cup into the blender along with a good scoop of coffee, add about a heaped table spoon of butter (10-20g) to taste, heaped teaspoon of coconut oil, sugar to taste, milk to taste. Now give it a good blend and drink... now buzz all morning with no sugar cravings.

The Bullet proof purest will burn me for adding the sugar and milk, but really I noticed no difference with 1-2 teaspoons of sugar and a small amount of milk. Also I noticed little to no difference between my budget coffee and the 'good stuff', just saying.

Words of warning and some tips:

1. MCT oil and probably coconut oil can upset your stomach or worse set off a poo fire hose in your butt if you are not used to it. So start with a small amount and increase the amount slowly to avoid awkward office moments. [Edit: Like wise cheap MCT oil can taste like rotting fish...for real. My solution was to use a small amount with coconut oil]
2. Don't over fill the blender you will not only make a mess, but shoot boiling hot water over everyone in the area. Not a great way to make office friends by burning everyone.
3. Don't go nuts on the sugar the less the better. Dave's theory might not be literally bullet proof, but it's close enough to try to get as close to the ideal as possible. If you're like me, no sugar makes you want to vom' so it is a must.
1. Stupid Magic bullet, isn't so stupid after all. It seems to be the perfect thing for a single serve of this drink, with easy clean, who would have thought.
2. Half an Aspirin can make the affect last longer I found. I'm no doctor so use at your own risk. If you drink alcohol don't do this your blood will thin. Don't mix it in! it'll taste horrible.
3. Legal Nootropics yep it works nicely with them in most cases.

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