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So many of us use our mobile phones or tablets to surf the internet. One of the most irritating things is when your website is not mobile friendly and Google now agrees. As a result, Google has set a deadline of 21 April 2015 for business’ to ensure their websites are mobile friendly or they risk being penalised by way of having your website pushed far down the search engines list and boosting sites that are mobile friendly.

Some of these requirements are; text being readable on mobile phones, having links spaced out to make searching on mobiles ease and using software that is not compatible with mobile devices.

There’s nothing more annoying to us mobile users than when we are unable to use certain websites via our mobile devices. Having to zoom in just to read text and then having swipe or scroll around to read the whole sentence, not being able to click on a link because our fat fingers keep missing or just highlight the link, not being able to optimise the use of a search box properly. Not being able to close off pop up boxes because half of it is hiding off the screen….pop up boxes….well that’s a whole other blog. Not being able to enlarge or zoom in on a picture, that’s if we can even attempt to zoom in. Ugh, honestly, there really is nothing more truly vile about a non-mobile friendly website. Please, for the sake of your business and all human kind, get your local website developer to build you a mobile friendly website. Any decent web developer will build you a website that will format itself to be used for a desktop, tablet or mobile device, using a responsive layout and css. This will greatly increase web traffic and sales for your business. Around 60% of all local searches are from mobile devices in Australia. It’s an investment. Because if your site is not mobile user friendly, not only will I and other users not bother with it, but neither will Google Search.

Here is a link so you can test whether you current website is mobile friendly. If your website is up to new 2015 Mobile standards you should see 'Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly'.


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