Most popular Magento E-commerce integrations for Australian

Magento continues to be one of the most popular and flexible shopping cart system worldwide. However how can the flexiblity of Magento be used for the Australian market. There are many quality and well maintained Magento extensions for the Australian market. Here are some of our clients most popular Magento Extensions for Australian ecommerce operators.

[Edit 27/07/2016]


Magento has a nice little one page check out as standard, which can be modified. However there is another extension called 'OneStepCheckout' which puts all your checkout steps literally on one page. Now I do debate whether this is better or not as some users feel a little overwhelmed. However many site owners love it and report improved sales from it. Sometimes it will conflict badly with custom themes so as always backup backup before installing. We love it and install it on almost every build. You may have also used it on many popular big brand eCommerce stores, such as; Bed Bath N' Table, Bonds, Oscar Wylee, Crumpler and many more.

  • All details at check out are displayed
  • Has an auto IP location shipping calculator
  • Auto Address complete
  • Responsive / Mobile Design
  • Improves transparency for users
  • Skip Cart toggle
  • Fantastic support


    OROCRM is a flexible and open-source Customer Relationship Management application designed to track customer actions in your store irrespective of their location and device used. You can install OROCRM via MagentoConnect. With OROCRM installed, you have unlimited privilege to active shopping carts, customer favorite list, viewed products etc.


  • Data Mining enabld
  • Enhanced auto marketing features
  • Can create customised workflows for your business

    Once OROCRM is installed you can login to the Magento store to and create a SOAP API user. Once this is done, you have the provision to; manage products, orders, customers etc.


    Fastways one of the more popular courier companies used by Australian companies has a Magento extension for auto shipping calculation at checkout. The extension works really well and is easy to deploy. We have used it for our clients for quite sometime and found it to be very stable.

    Auspost Shipping Calculator

    There are a few Auspost extensions, Fontis and shipit being some of our favourites. All use Ausposts great API system, which allows your magento store to connect to the Auspost live system and calculate accurate quotes at checkout. You can also print labels, connect to your account for autobilling.


  • Works for Local and International
  • Connects to your Auspost account
  • No additional coding required
  • Plugin, configure and play
  • Very easy to setup


    Shipwire is an integrated shipping logistics extension. Allowing you to work with fulfillment and shipping operators, auto select shippers, manage warehousing globally, manage supply chain and inventory.

    For anyone growing this is a must have piece of software that will seamless manage all your Magento ecommerce shipping requirements.


    Paypal might get a lot of negative press sometimes and sometimes it is warranted :) . However over all Paypal is one of the best no hassle payment gateways out there for any ecommerce solution. The added bonus with Magento is it can easily be made PCI complaint so you can run Paypal Pro Hosted and Flow gateways along with Paypal express. The Paypal pro options do increase conversion and reduce cart abandonment in real terms, which far outways any small expenses in terms of fees. As a bonus for users express checkout users don't have to fill out their shipping details...a massive bonus!


  • Awesome local merchant support. We mean awesome!
  • Easy setup
  • Relatively easy setup application
  • Fantastic customer uptake
  • User Checkout streamlining
  • Hosted option takes stress of PCI complaince off the merchant.


    QuickBooks is one of the most renowned software solutions that is designed to help you manage inevitable business aspects like payroll, inventory, sales reports, invoicing, inventory etc effectively. Integrating QuickBooks online or desktop with Magento literally gives you access to latest reports, accounting information and minimise double handling and complaince costs. Perfect for one man bands or enterprise.


  • Easy setup and integration
  • Sync; Customers, inventory, invoicing, pricing

    Xero Accounting

    Xero Accounting is very popular amoung small business owners in Australia. Usablity and the learning curve is very good. Connecting Magento shopping cart with Xero will help you to manage your Magento stores invoicing and customer accounts directly.


  • Auto sync, invoicing, customers, products
  • Easy setup
  • Well supported by local accounts


    Fontis is a nice little lite Australianising extension for Magento. It adds local Australian features and suburbs to your magento store. Additionally it adds, B-pay and Auspost integration.

  • Localises the store easily to Australian Market
  • Plug and play setup
  • Very low conflict with other extensions and themes
  • Actually makes Magento easier to use for admins


    If you are working your social media, especially on Facebook wouldn't it be nice to have your store in Facebook! Beetailer is an extension for Magento which allows you to do just that. It allows you to have your store products integrate to Facebook. If a visitor of your facebook page has fallen in love with one of your products instead of redirecting them to the store. They can buy and pay for a product directly in Facebook. We have found this to be very effective.


  • Magento product sync
  • Analytics
  • Pretty easy setup no coding usually required
  • Some Facebook store customising features
  • Mobile friendly (ish)
  • Auto posting
  • Promotion campaign coupons and offers ** :)

    Ebay multi-channel solutions

    There are a few different versions of the ebay and multi channel extensions now, so I want focus on just one. The benefit is you can manage all your 'other' store options from one place. Setup your ebay store, Google Merchant, Amazon sync and watch the sales come flying in. Manage everything from one place. If you have add some of the extensions from above, you have yourself a very powerful business software backbone.

  • Manage multiple selling channels at one place
  • Utilise already exsisting extenions and integrations to manage things such as; shipping, inventory, tracking, crm
  • Save time setting up and managing inventory
  • Improve sales

    Magento ecommmerce solution has so many things to offer and can be further customised for just about anything you can think of. These are just some of our and our customisers favourites.

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