Mysteries of SEO

How the hell can I get my site ranking well

Not understanding SEO is frustrating to say the least. When you make a change it can weeks or months to see the results. Furthermore during that time others have made changes which affects the final outcome.

Tweaking SEO is like trying to sail a small boat in huge seas. The best thing to do is smash it.

How do you know what is a good move and whats a bad move

SEO can be broken down into a couple key areas to focus on:

Technical: This refers to the technical setup of the website. Which can further be broken down into these Areas,

Search friendly URLs
Meta tags
Heading/s and order
Server speed
page load speed
Responsive or mobile page
No Flash
Preference no iframes
Analytics installed
Search engine registration
Social links
No errors
Multi-browser compatible

Coming up short in one of these areas can be an anchor slowing or impeding your efforts in other areas. The biggest offend I see is Slow loading speed, No responsive, no sitemap


Is the content specific enough a machine can understand what your talking about through word alone. If your content is mainly fluff talk (sales talk) and requires a lot of inference from the visuals of the site your missing the mark. Leaving spamming Keywords through your content aside for a moment. Your content should be concise, represent you/your company and be detailed and specific. For example if you sell red roses don't have 99% of the content waffling on about how your awesome, friendly, been around for 10 years etc people aren't searching for 'friendly rose sellers'. Be specific 'Australian Old Garden Alba Red Roses from $59.95'.


I won't waste space describing what it is I'll leave that to Wiki

I will say it is better to have no backlinks than a bunch of bad ones. Don't link for linkings sake.

Focus on the basics first, quality business partners and directories. Review websites, like or Yelp. Invite relevant blogs to review your products and services.

Don't use these mass submit SEO backlinking services. All you will do is invite every spammer to smash your inbox or worse they will actually do something and submit you to every Adult directory online.

Social media comes under backlinking as well, though it is specialty backlinking and often crosses into marketing as well rather than SEO. For example Facebook paid ads aren't an SEO measure they are a marketing measure.

There are online backlinking checking tools, check your competition and follow there lead.


Juice is the SEO spin off when you link back to a bigger market player, such as; having an embedded youtube video or link, Facebook backlink

Start with the basics and get them right first

Use some online analysis tools to test your sites SEO worthness. One of my favourites is Join up test your site and bench mark it against your competition. Remember you don't have to be perfect to rank first just better and more.

I like to get the technical aspect 80/100 at least and SEO score anywhere from 60/100 for Wordpress sites to 100/100 for short page static sites and stores. Regardless of the score It needs to rank equal 100/100 or ideally 20 points better in the SEO score. Technical score sometimes is impossible, perhaps because of design, to get 100/100. but do the best you can...and make sure you bet the competition.

So where to Start improvements

So you have your website scoring 100/100, you have some good quality backlinks. You're still not number one. It maybe time to be realistic, if you are a small fry in a massive market competing against a giant multi-national with a 10million advertising budget you'll never bet them. Don't waste your time going head to head competition over general keywords go long and specific. Pick out the specific descriptive things about you that make you different that a potential client might be looking for. You'll slip in under the radar and capture clients that way, for example car rental maybe a deadloss for you but 'toyota car rental surfers paradise' might be a winner.

Two things to improve search ranking

Aside from the above issue what else can you do. There are two was to do this and its all about volume.

More backlinks, put more money, time in creating relevant backlinks. There is a limit to this for the small operator, where it just becomes to expensive to continue.

The other option is to create more content, more keywords. Here you can create more and more detailed pages for your website. The downside is you make your website a rabbit warren or a text wall as we call them.

The other buzz option is to Blog for SEO and traffic. Now I don't mean tell the world your thoughts ones a month. I don't mean hire someone to write an article once a week. I mean a concerted effort for mass (3-80+ articles a day) blogging specifically to generate more keywords and content than any other site in direct competition. When I mean mass I mean mass. This takes huge volume and you need to hit it hard and fast then test and measure and go again. Three months at a time. Also note if your competition is doing this you will have to one up them to bet theme.

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