Not all email is equal

Email can break your business

Few businesses today can survive without email. Email has all but replaced pen and paper. However few business pay their email system a second thought until it is to late.

I got my email account free

Yep you sure did and it is worth every penny. Not always, but often free email account or cheaper email accounts are not up to the standards needed for business. They are just a sales addon to get you started.

How do you know if your email is bad

You'll know already if; if you drop emails, find it hard to connect, emails are slow to send, features are low, storage is small, you have lost all your emails and had no recourse.

What makes a good email system

The usual user friendlyness, Multi OS compatible, Secure secure SSL encryption, Limited or no queueing, preference for dedicated resources, A nice selection of tools, archive compression, nice import export tools. Server backups how many times have you sync'd your iPhone to discover you killed everything. Wouldn't it be nice to recover that data.

How much is good email

$4-8 per month or from our zimbra system from $20 an account for 12 months. For this you have piece of won't be stuck at 4:30 trying to email something to met a deadline only to have it bounce or get stuck.

Parting thoughts

Is gmail or hotmail suitable in a business environment.

NO and never. He are the reasons; or @telstra @optus @ just looks horrible on a business card. Pretty much you can guarantee your business card is landfill if you have this.

Secondly, while seem fine on a personal use level, when you start to try and use them under deadlines and needing 99.99% consistance...the cracks begin to show. You notice the queuing, the missing emails and want for a good interface and set of on hand business tools. Yes you can run them through outlook and piggy back on its tools, but your really just creating another issue there as outlook is not known for its reliablity (Outlook exchange excluded).

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