Put your products in Facebook with Beetailer

Very nice Magento Extension for literal social marketing

If you have a got a strong handle on Facebook marketing and your customers are on facebook then this is for you. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to refer customers to your store to purchase! What if they could buy products right on your Facebook page?

Do you think conversations would increase. I bet they will.

Beetailer for Magento stores

This is a cool little extension for Magento stores that lets you select products and place them in your facebook page for purchasing. Once installed your facebook page gets a 'shop' menu item on the main page and a little shop icon on the left hand side. If a user clicks on it they stay on facebook and go to your facebook store. Which shows a grid style store layout with all your products. They can add to the cart and buy just like a normal store. All the sales etc run through magento.

The Beetailer extension has a nice simple interface, with; Its own analytics, promo creator, promo FB poster, basic customising features. More than enough to make you look professional. Once installed it's pretty easy to use and has very few bugs. We have used it for many stores with most being successful. It's like most things though it's not set and forget Facebook customers want new and exciting all the time. So some effort needs to be put forward to keep them interested. Its not a great effort to manage though and well worth it.

Beetailer installation

This is definitely a developer only installer and can be a little tricky, as it needs an API to work. Also it can be a littler quirky with custom bulk themes so those bugs need to be ironed out before you can run with it. Lastly because it is quite an invasive extension the risk of total destruction is ever present so it is best installed in off peak hours. Better yet in a test or mirror server first.

Install and configuration is about a 2-4 hr job, if there are no issues. Otherwise it'll take longer. Beetailers support is quite good though a little slow at times. Consequently you don't want to annouce the install until after its installed unless you have a mirrored test system.

magento products in facebook

Costs involved

There are monthly fees tiered depending on how many products you have on the system. You can pick your most Facebook friendly products, which is going to make it easier to make it pay. The monthly fees as I write this are:

  • $0 /month for 1 store and 30 products
  • $40 /month for 2 stores and 500 products, email support
  • $80 /month for 5 stores and 2000 products, email abd ph support, beetailer branding removed

    There are further options for customising etc.

    For most of us this won't break the bank. I love the free
    version as a lot of clients only have one or two products, but they are nailing it. So for them it's just another awesome way to get traffic buying from them with no risk.

    Contact us at Mebsites @ info@mebsites.com.au if you are interested in having Beetailer installed in your magento store we work with anyone on the Globe

    Beetailer Promotional video

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