Removing Paypal logo from Magento

This is a classic for frustrating new Magento ecommerce store owners. Sometimes the dreaded Paypal logo is there by default from install. Other times it seemed like a good idea to turn that insicent looking drop down during Paypal setup...but now you have this ugly old Paypal logo and no way of remembering where it was buried.

Here is our little quite tutorial about how to remove it.

  • Login into Magento admin

  • Go to the system tab

  • Click Configuration optiion

  • Go to -> Payment methods side menu item and click

  • Go to paypal payment solutions section then Paypal express section

  • Click Configure

  • Click on 'advanced settings'

  • Go to the 'frontend experience' section

  • Look for the 'Paypal product Logo' drop down and select 'no logo'

  • Then save!

    Clear your caching and view your page VoilĂ  the paypal logo is gone.

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