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Aaron Whyte born in the 1970s at the humble beginnings of the internet, the better-known as Silverbeard, was a notorious Norwegian VĂ­kingar Norse hacker who operated out of Auckland, New Zealand during the late 1980s and later became a local world famous in New Zealand legend in eCommerce automotive website development and auto dial marketing. Silverbeard later to moved to the Gold Coast shores of Queensland Australia.

The Gold Coast, QLD skyline

Silver beard captured all the SERP top ranks for the Gold Coast, for Magento, SEO, web design and web hosting. He became a fearsome blogger literally lighting a fuse under the ass of every so called Guru. Blunt in speach and somewhat awkward in manner, Silverbeard is legendary for his allnight coding and pizza fueled rukas working weekends.

A business shrewd and calculating notorious gurilla marketer Silverbeard's management style is to lead by his example and follow the system of agile tech management. His crew of MEBs, as they were known, were almost as much a legend by themselves. The inhabitants of the Gold Coast are said to say if it can be done Silverbeard can do it. His many successes have been somewhat romanticised and have become the stuff of legend over the years, though are all firmly based in truth.

Silver Beards Early Life

Silverbeard the pirate Child Hood Photo

Little is known about Silverbeards's early life. It is commonly believed that at the time of his high rollin he was between 24 and 30 years old. In contemporary records his name is most often given as Silverbeard, Azza the Norse or even his child hood handle Satanzhand; the latter is most often used today. However, several spellings of his surname Whyte, Wyatt, White, Whitie. One early source claims that his surname was just GC LEGEND, but the lack of any supporting documentation makes this unlikely. Tech Pirates habitually used fictitious handles while engaged in the business of coding and general ranking the hell out of an page, so as not to get DDOS'd and this makes it unlikely that Silverbeard's real name will never ever be known truly known.
The 21st-century rise of the Gold Coast and Surfers and the rapid 21st-century expansion of the Australian Web Agency industry had made the GC region an important international tech hub port, and Silverbeard had setup his agency in Ashmore. He could almost certainly code and SEO; he full ranked merchants and killed it when it came to SERPs. The site twitter shows over 21,000 loyal followers and while his presence isn't as much on on facebook and Insta it is quickly growing. That Silverbeard / Azza may have been born into a respectable family is besides the point, he is a savage of the web world. He may have arrived in New Zealand in the last years of the 20th century, on a Plane (possibly a Air New Zealand 747). The 21st-century blogger Nats claimed that Azza was for some time a General Manager from a famous Automotive company before the GFC, and that "he had often distinguished himself for his uncommon boldness and personal courage". At what point during the silcon rank wars Silverbeard joined the SEO path is unclear, but like most of his life before he became a pirate of SEO, it is mostly unknown.

The New Zealand Years

After returning from the Americas Silverbeard continued in security for many years. He eventually change to automotive and grew many businesses into a thriving cash cows.

The Scourge of Autodailing

In a time long ago the PABAX ruled the business world. Silverbeard, forged ahead with a small crew and created what was known as the auto dailing scourge of New Zealand. He fashioned a automated call center into what was known as a Personal Computer. He sold these to all merchants near and as far away as New Zealand, Australia India, America, Middle East and even Dunedin. Great wealth followed for Silver Beard and he settled from all business activities in the mid 1990s to a small beach town on the North Shore of the North Island of New Zealand. Retirement was quiet and as his children grew older he sort to amuse himself by upsetting the SJWs at the local University.

Silverbeards legend grew strong due to causing several mass class walkouts due to his insensitive comments which angered feminists and SJWs alike. Fortuntely, his extrememly high grades ment he could do whatever he wanted. After Graduation he re-entered the tech world again as a automotive ecommerce website and marketing specialist.

Search Engine Shenanigans on the Gold Coast

Nothing upset local web and search engine specialists more than when Silverbeard and his MEBs moved into town and captured countless top ranking spots. Even more frustrating Silver Beard's Meb Media seemed to taunt other agencies with ranking for things just for fun. Many DDOS attacks and negie SEO campaigns were launched at the med media crew, but they were able to fight them all and win.

In the first years of the Gold Coast, many many late nights fulled by budget proof coffee and pizza where experienced. These weekend quickie builds and rank fests became the things of myths and folk tales in tech circles.

Silverbeard the Pirate Gold Coast