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Beware the empty website developer portfolio

This will probably seem like common sense to a lot of people, but the number of times we are compared by clients on the basis of charisma scares me.

A lot of website developers are a little like the stereo typical Engineer or Accountant. We don't tend to have rockstar

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Top 10 reasons to move to Magento

So your in business online and things are going well. However now you are running into growing and techincal limits. It doesn't seem like your site can handle the traffic and the facilities to remarket and/or manage more items and customers just arent there.

So here are the top

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10 Things to ask before you hire a Website Developer

Information is power

In part I have created this list because we don't have slick salesmen to talk our clients into using us. We rely on word of mouth and information comparsion to sell our services. I wish people would ask these questions more often and I'll add a little

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Typography for non-designers

Know my pain

On a regular basis we have conversation with clients about not using why using comic sans is not a good idea for there logo or website. Often these conversation can get heated because the client just does not understand that being generic and based in 1990s goes

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The difference between designer and developer

You say developer, I say designer

The titles are some what interchangable in general language, but there is a really big difference. Depending on what you require choosing one of the other could leave you seriously out of pocket.

What does a website designer do?

Strictly speaking a Website designer

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