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How to improve client meeting productivity and have better outcomes

Just like this blog, we should have our client meetings short and sweet. Also whether you are the business or client the typical meeting costs money in terms of time lost in productivity. This is especially significant with meetings as they normally require more senior people. Therefore getting the most

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Aspects that gives static website an edge over Wordpress websites

SEO Perspective: Aspects that gives Static HTML/CSS website an edge over Wordpress websites

In the present scenario, a business with no website is considered to be non-existent. However, when it comes to getting a website developed for their business, most of the business owners are unaware of the importance

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Top 5 things to focus on when designing a website

Speed speed speed

Your pages must load fast. If they don't load fast they won't rank well. Mobile users won't wait.

Be concise

Don't bloat your pages with sales and marketing fluff. Be concise and descriptive with your copy. Remember that search engines can do inference like a human brain.

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Typography for non-designers

Know my pain

On a regular basis we have conversation with clients about not using why using comic sans is not a good idea for there logo or website. Often these conversation can get heated because the client just does not understand that being generic and based in 1990s goes

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