Take your Website SEO to the next level

Take your SEO to the next level with MOZ tools

MOZ is a SaaS company that has been offering different software tools to get websites optimized in all the right ways possible. Founded by Rand Fishkin in 2004, Moz has offered several free and paid tools for website optimization.

Moz Analytics

Moz Analytics is one of the paid tools from Moz that offers you different reports that assists website optimization. Literally transformed, Moz Analytics will provide you insights on link metrics, strategies of your competitors, keyword rankings, content marketing strategies and much more. So, with Moz Analytics you have the leverage of tracking and evaluating your inbound marketing methodologies, under a single lens.

Fresh Web Explorer

Fresh Web Explorer from Moz is a tool which is primarily designed to pick and report the latest content being thrown around on the web. Literally transformed, you can use it to pick when and where on the web your brand was mentioned recently. You can also use this tool to get the latest news and discussions related to your industry. Fresh Web Explorer can also provide you with the option of tracking where your competitors are mentioned, this is considered to be an ideal stat when it comes to formulating a link target list. The tool can also be used for analyzing the buzz created by the fresh content on your site. The tool will also assist you to come up with a good content strategy by offering reports that highlights the most discovered, shared and liked content related to your industry across the web.

Moz Rank Tracker

The Rank Tracker from Moz stores away relevant keyword ranking stats of search engines like (Google, Yahoo and Bing) and helps you to retrieve it for later comparisons. With such reports, you can monitor which of your current efforts are turning out to fruitful. The tool also offers reports on your competitors who are ranking for relevant keywords. This tool ideally highlights actionable insights on how to optimize the landing pages in your site and structure your content.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is one of the popularly used Moz tools that help you to analyze your website on different grounds like Page Authority, Domain Authority, Backlinks, Anchor texts, link metrics and link opportunities, spam analysis and much more. With this tool, you have the pivotal option of comparing competitor stats and make relevant efforts to rank your site above your competitors. Therefore, you can easily get a list of sites from which your competitors have earned good backlinks and include them in your link target list.

Moz tools are ideal when it comes to monitoring and enhancing your inbound marketing efforts. With Google’s latest update that highlights the importance of mobile responsiveness being rolled out, Moz is expected to come up with a tool that will help you to analyze and enhance your site on the respective grounds.

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