The Business Insider’s Guide to Zimbra Collaboration Email

Zimbra Collaboration is an open source collaborative software Business Email suite suitable for email messaging and collaboration. Literally it has transformed business email services market previously dominated by Microsoft Exchange, it is a a Mail client and Exchange server platform with the potential to be the cornerstone of next-generation messaging and business collaboration. The software suite which was initially released by Zimbra, Inc in 2005 rolled out the latest stable version on December 2014. This provided an updated UI and more features previously only available as a zimblet (plugin). There are several features of Zimbra Collaboration which makes it a standard collaborative business software suite when compared to its counterparts.

Zimbra Email Exchange Features

• Remote and extended collaboration
Collaboration on the go with Zimbra also allows you to switch between electronic gadgets so that you will never miss an email or an appointment. Our Zimbra system is running an exchange server so all your calendar, tasks, contacts can be easily sync'd accross all your devices. Additionally, you can create group shared email folders, calendars, tasks and contact lists. These can be further enhanced with Zimbras automated email filtering system.

• Better data storage and management
Within I.T tech circles Outlook is natorious for causing issues when readily available emails exceed 1Gig. To fix this issue before failure, the general fix is to archieve your old emails. With Zimbras data management this is necessary. Making finding that old email from a client from 3,4 or 5 years ago so much easier.

• Anywhere Mail client online
How many times have you needed access to outlook on your desktop while on the run! If only you could access XYZ you would be able to close that deal. Zimbra can run all your emails, calendar, contacts online. So along with syncing to all your devices, even if you do not have access to them you can run online from any device and access all your emails, calendars, tasks, contacts, stored files. If you have our Thinkfree zimblet you can also use the Thinkfree app to edit and create spreadsheets, Documents and powerpoint.

• Automated Sorting
Zimbra allows you to sort incoming emails automatically via filters. You can create colour coded folders and then sort your incoming emails through, email address, subject, content making it easier to prioritise your response times.

• Flexibility with Minimum or zero downtime
Mebsites Zimbra zimbra servers are hosted globally through a network of leading Tier II and III Datacenters service providers. For Australian clients we have locally based server clusters in Sydney which is the major switching point and backbone of the Australian telco network. This means faster load and transfer times. Also in the event of low local connectivity issue or outage traffic can be redirected offshore through one of the highest speednetwork backbones in the world to our another part of the syncd email cluster for HA high availablity so your email is always accessible. For our offshore clients the reverse is the case. However our datacenters through Europe and Singapore are sitting on one of the fastest fibre backbones in the world.

• Reduced Maintenance and Administration
The application is always securely accessible on the go as it comes with an easy-to-use administration console. The administration console also makes it easy for the administrators to manage the policies as well as the access of registered users across the globe. The end-user self service administration feature offered by Zimbra also plays a vital role in alleviating the overhead for IT administrators and support community. This feature also attributes to an end-user satisfaction.

• Security and privacy
Zimbra comes with email, calendaring and collaboration features which can assist you to keep in touch with other professionals in the loop, in the most secure manner. Zimbra always lets you have the grip on privacy and security; you can easily protect your most valuable emails and be at peace as they are often shared through constantly monitored channels that are dominated by Zimbra. As a matter of fact, our suite only sends and receives emails that are authenticated and encrypted. Zimbra is also tagged with antispam and antivirus services, with daily mailbox backup.


  • Reasonably pricing and highly affordable when compared to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365. Our zimbra costs on average 5 times less than the equivilent Microsoft Exchange service cost. The savings can be significant per year when running multiple accounts.
  • Also a mail client. You can run your gmail, hotmail or any type of mail through the online webmail. Making it easier to manage your accounts.
  • Alias emails and automated forwarding.
  • Business focused internal apps.
  • Thinkfree office suite integration.
  • Multi plate form compatible.
  • Efficient and effective search capabilities with enhanced support for large mailboxes
  • Can be easily and completely synched with Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, iOS, Android, Thunderbird and other Mail clients.
  • S/MIME available for enhanced email encryption & digital signatures
  • SSL Encrypted Webmail
  • Secure encrypted out and ingoing mail transfer.

    Zimbra Collaboration, trusted by 5,000+ companies and individuals worldwide, maintains an active community. Resources like and are considered to be the one stop source when it comes to gaining an in-depth knowledge about this collaborative software suite. The community also comprises of various other resources like whitepapers, gallery, top projects and much more.

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