The inevitability of content fueling your social media marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing, if done the right way, is your one stop solution to branding and lead nurturing. However, questions like why businesses are not finding success as much as they should with this strategy, which should be a godsend, can perplex most business owners. Most businesses find it difficult to garner followers through their social media marketing efforts. Let me break this down in typical style so you can easily understand some of the social media marketing techniques that revolve around content marketing.

Sharing Useful Content

Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc are often updated with a sea of posts and updates every minute. Ask yourself why people should heed or be interrupted by your post or update, while pertinent updates keep piling up in minutes. Luring the user to keep scrolling for a bigger hit. The answer to this, can turn out to be a little tricky . However, if you succeed in finding the right one, you can craft the perfect platform for your business via a social media marketing strategy.

The merits of sharing useful content

In the present, the profit model business scenario on social media is: if you wish to earn something, nine times out of ten, you need to offer something in return. The same rules apply for your social media marketing efforts. If you are smart enough to cater to what potential customers are in search for, you will always earn more followers, shares. Additionally, it can also help you to engage directly via social media. This in turn will take your inquiry and SEO to the next level. Yes Google Serp is measuring user engagement.

Awesome content is never complete without these:

You can create awesome content resources like whitepapers, PDFs, infographics etc and still find it difficult to create a wave in social media. Be aware of the fact that awesome content is never complete if you miss out minute factors, such as; like share buttons, attractive formatting, easy to read fonts and colours and illustrative images. If you do not invest the time to heed to these factors, all your efforts in terms of time and creativity spent crafting your awesome content will be wasted in vain.

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