Insider secrets to crafting awesome content

The way content is crafted now is completely different, when compared to how it was written in the past couple of years. Gone are the days where people scribble up something without considering the impact/response from social media and how useful the pertinent content is really supposed to be, for readers. The fact that most of the industry experts are aware of and follow the best practice blog etiquette makes it thorny for novice to make posts outstanding.

Let us dispel the myths around content marketing

Experience is what matters

In the current grind of 2016, people love learning content that teaches them something new or unique. Just search Google, Youtube or twitter for how to it is staggering how much content there is and the number of visitors they get.

Effective content marketing is always about running little experiments, if you wish to trade information through your blog posts for followers, it is important to illustrate you are really an expert of sorts or sharing your real world hands-on experience with which you wish to teach through your content. This is one of the reasons why tutorials, How to blog posts and videos are most likely to be viral when compared to blog posts that just outline information rather than going in-depth.

Also taking readers through your experience will endear more followers. Showing your human side will help users relate to you better.

Headlines are game changers

Headlines matter the most. Literally, they make the first impression. If you are successful in crafting an attention grabbing headline that generates curiosity, your blog post is more likely to be clicked on irrespective of its placement on the web page.

Ensure that you come up with some awesome headlines that literally give the readers a sneak peak into what they are actually about, but also make sure that the headline does not give everything away or is misleading. Honesty is always best, you will more likely attract scorn than praise.

More Effort

You should never even think of posting a piece of content without any kind of visuals or imagery. Images or other visuals like infographics can help you to convey information far more quickly and attractively, when compared to a wall of text content, without any sort of visual break. Additionally, images and visuals can help you to keep your readers attention focused on your content.

Writing an awesome piece of content is something that you cannot master overnight, it is inevitable that you give priority to your reader’s interest more than anything. Be aware that a highly technical piece may not cater to your audience. Therefore, it is always important to know your target audience when marketing for the purposes of business marketing. Watch your analytics, watch trends and don't be afraid to re-post when the time is right.

Pro Tip: When a blog has gone stall or out of date, but is still typical make an update or edits and re-post it and sit back and bask in the traffic.

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