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Content is the essence of the inter-webs, if you wish to make your business flourish online, it is essential that you roll-out informative and evergreen content. Content is so essential that it is inevitable you need it increasingly due to the affinity of the search engines, ranking and your websites content. If you do not believe me? It can be proven by a simple experiment. Perform a search on Google with the first search term/keyword that pops-up in your mind. The top three listed websites will be content rich on that topic. Excluding mobile friendliness and page speed factor, there is a ninety percent chance for this experiment to succeed in my favor. Furthermore that website will be using one of the concepts illustrated below.

  • Lists

    Busy people just love bullet point lists-based content. Content ideas like “8 Useful social media tools” can be too seductive to avoid for most users. Moreover, list based content is easy to skim through and the convenience factor or quick fix, contributes to people’s affinity towards such content idea.

  • Inforgraphics

    Infographics are used to illustrate information as a conglomerate of images and statistics. Infographics can grab attention and clear illustrate a summary of a blogs content in an instant via social media news feeds, which makes it one of top content click bait ideas.

  • How-to’s

    ‘How-to’ content, if backed up by elaborate, quality research, can be a fantastic way to add value to your brand, by selflessly giving to your users. This content concept receives descent shares, quality on page time, builds trust between user and website and is also always characterized by long tail search potential in SERPs.

  • Video

    Videos are ideal means to create a lasting impression of what you wish to give away in a jiffy. More often, people choose video over written content to depict How-to, information and product reviews which can be a bit complex to conceptualise quickly for some users when represent via text. Additionally, what a great way to give users a snippet in time of what your company is like, especially if you front it as a business owner.

  • Slideshare

    Slideshare is a visual platform that could be used to mirror your ideas more attractively and easily. The fact that this content idea can quickly impart knowledge is something that makes it important to marketers.

  • Case studies and white paper articles

    Case studies are basically research about products or services with additional in depth information on how it helped your customers. Now, being a potential client, planning to purchase a product or service, wouldn’t you be compelled to read at least one pertinent case study?

    White papers are in depth articles on topics. Good ones offer real practical ideas and actionable ideas. If you are going to create one make it high quality. A poor white paper will give an equally poor lasting impression of your business.

  • Guides

    Guides are especially long and comprehensive content pieces that cover all the subtopics below the main topic. Such content ideas mostly attract early adopters, beginners, planners and researchers. Often a great place to start for long term business success. They also earn a solid amount of shares.

  • Reviews

    Reviews can be an ideal means to attract and convert customers to your business by establishing authority, foundation and trust. Good reviews are basically snapshots in time of other users experiences, positive or negative they illustrate how your business consistently handles clients. They can go viral, for good and bad, but either way they can be a positive influence on your business and we recommend them. Independent services are prefered, such as;

  • Images

    Images are more likely to get shared on social media than any other piece of content as it generates an emotional impact. This is one the reasons why it is recommended to include at least one image in your blog post.

  • Ebook

    An ebook is generally an elaborate piece of content, packed, usually in PDF format. This content type is typically used by marketers to induce signups to newsletters or campaigns. If crafted with care and effort, these can get shared across social media in. Just be warned, while most are given away free or for the price of your email junk folder, they still need to add value to your audience. Don't make the mistake of some of these big companies and publish dribble with no actionable value. The backlash is obvious users will feel the same way about your products and services.

    Irrespective of the content idea that you resort to, it is indispensable that you invest a measured and considerable amount of time to produce quality content. We have all tried content with high expectations and been disappointed. The brand has quickly been forgotten and replaced by someone who does have good content.

    Practical advice and demonstration on an elite level for presenting good content can be found from; London Real, Gary Vaynerchuk, Eli The Computer Guy, (whiteboard Fridays), Dr Pimple Popper (NSFW), Rich Piana these examples may not be relevant to your industry, but they are compelling and well thought out. If you spend sometime researching what they are doing you will do well. I see to many clients wanting to mimic their local competition, do not limit yourself. These are the days of the internet, find the best of the best and mimic them!


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