Top 10 reasons to move to Magento

So your in business online and things are going well. However now you are running into growing and techincal limits. It doesn't seem like your site can handle the traffic and the facilities to remarket and/or manage more items and customers just arent there.

So here are the top reasons to move to Magento...

Versatile content management
Along with one of the most owner and developer friendly WYSIWYG cms editors in the market. You can also hard code and add extra cms elements where ever you please, just like Lego

Mobile friendly configuration

What is really cool about magento is you can run multiple front ends under the same admin backend. So you can have a mobile specific frontend or the prefered mobile. The core elements of Magento, such as; shopping cart, contact forms are also responsive out of the box. Very important since shopping has shifted to be heavily mobile.

Advanced Search Engine Optimising

By default Magento rocks the SEO organically. You can add rich snippits to your google links. It generates a google friendly sitemap. Meta tags are all easily accessible. My favourite is having custom urls for all your products, categories and pages. There are even further tricks available with inexpensive extensions.

Room to grow

There are few stores that can handle 100,000 products + and 50,000 purchases an hour out of the box! With minor setup changes you can do 500,000 skus and 70,000+ sales an hour before you effect the codes performance. Not having to replatform and stay with the same program until you are a mega company is a massive benefit. Ebay/Paypals influence and experience is strong here after all this is something they deal with every day. The number of wordpress clients who come to me looking for solutions ones they start selling 10+ items a day is shocking...not the case with Magento.

Built in upselling and cross-sells

This feature is fantastic and a proven method to increase profit per sale. In just a couple minutes you can set it all up. Furthermore, the extension which further exploit this feature are even better. If you only needed one reason to change it should be this.

Easy third party integrations

Pretty easy to setup, but best of all because Magento is a well funded player in the market other companies have invested in making good extensions to integrate. Some of the ones available; Australian Post, DHL, Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Paypal pro, ebay, Amazon, Google Merchant just to name drop a few.

Customise security permissions

Not only can you change admin login urls, folders, lockout IPs, Login in under https encryption. You can also give admin users different levels of access. Lets say you have staff processing orders in the shipping department, accounts, support you don't want shipping having access to coding areas or payment details. You can restrict there access to just the areas they need. Assigning as main logins as you need.

Intelligent filtere search for shoppers

Stores can live or die on there search and advanced search. Magento has one of the best out there. There are to main details to get into here, so lets just say other shopping systems are jelly.

A gigantic community

Over 600,000 business and growing more rapidly than any other shopping platform are using magento. We a similar number of Magento website developers. I will be the first to admit the uptake of Magento by business is quicker than with developers. However that will change. I might add the class of developers who work with Magento if legitimate tend to be a tier above your average.

Saves time and money

Magento is available as open-source or a supported enterprise version. Both are fairly similar and the free open-source of Magento is perfect for most business big and small.

For an open-source project it is well funded and maintained by its parent company ebay group.

Multi-store support

This feature is awesome. You can have multipe store fronts running on different domains with different products all managed by the same admin backend. No more login and out of all your stores.

Often this feature is used for running different languages and you can put in detection for language or IP location pretty simply.

We love being Magento developers on the Gold Coast and would love to talk to you about why Magento is so effective.

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