Top Online Small Business Marketing Trends for 2016 Australia

When your trying to grow a small business or working on a startup staying ahead of the competition is critical. Being the first to market in a new space can change the future of your business dramatically. See here are hottest emerging trends.

Hottest trends

1. Content marketing.

Real content marketing, business now are illustrating their skill, knowledge and providing customer service in the form of content marketing. Their is no better way to create a following than literally creating a following for your quality content.

2. Branding.

Branding got a bad wrap from old forms of media and went out of fashion for smaller businesses. However with changes in googles ranking system and the power of content marketing becoming a brand is hot again. Small business owners (including myself) are putting themselves way out their, doing podcasts, snapchat, twitter and blogging. The bar to create a brand just got lowered substantially with social media.

3. Interaction.

Never has it been so easy for users to interact directly with brands. They can follow and comment instantly. The switched on branding players are using this to interact with users on the fly with great results.

4. Influencers.

Smart business owners are seeking out the top people in each medium for their niche and seducing them with, free swag, services, opportunity, subject, content to speak about their product or service to great benefit.

5. Snapchat Snapchat.

Gary Vee has been spruking about Snapchat everywhere and the opportunity it brings for businesses and he is right. Huge numbers of people under 35 are using Snapchat and even Boomers are quickly following. Work out what your spin on Snapchat could be and get in early.

Bonus: Putting yourself out there as a business owner on Youtube and/or instagram is hot. Users are loving people who risk it and jump in.

Gold Coast Bonus: Prepping for the Commonwealth Games cash cow. Think of an idea now while you can get in early.

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