Tweets now searchable and rankable in Google

This is exciting

Twitter is so easy to manage and make quick post re-post of keyword ladden material and backlinking (I'm not a fan of posting to twitter, but it is a real player). The fact that Google has announced a deal to make tweeks more searchable opens up new ways of increasing your businesses reach.

Twitter Relevance to the average business

Unless you are in fashion, Y Generation or something targeted to movers and shakers it didn't mean a whole lot. Things will change with this new deal though. If you post like manic now with keywords, links, backlinks you'll actually have a positive effect on your business and site ranking.

I find this a really exciting idea to exploit!


Maral AP (2015). Twitter and Google team up to make tweets’ search easier. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 03/03/2015].

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