Ultimate Guide to choosing a Magento Developer

Magento, a renowned open source content management system has been enjoying the limelight for the past several years especially when the topic under consideration is e-commerce web development. There are several characteristics tagged with this open source content management system that can compel and convince any individual to go for it. The modularity associated with Magento provides the developers with the privilege to customize it with respect to the client requirements. The clients love this platform simply because of its robustness and the number of exclusive features it comes with. There are several features of Magento that makes it second to none when it comes to web shop development.

Built-in Ecommerce Features: Magento supports both multi-site as well as multi domain setup for ecommerce sites.

Versatile Architecture: Tagged with a modular architecture, the zend and php/html5/css3 platform depicts excellent customizability, both from the frontend and backend.

Mobile & SEO Friendly: The Magento platform was formulated with the aspects SEO friendliness and mobile responsiveness in mind. Hence, your products on respective websites have a seamless visibility over mobile devices and better rankings in SERPs.

Security: Magento offers no compromise when the topic under consideration is security. As a matter of fact, the platform comes with multiple levels of security permissions which can even include a secure payment bridge. Magento is also PCI complaint under SSL encryption, where other platforms are not.

In the present scenario, you can easily find several companies or individuals that provide Magento Development services. Under such a circumstance, choosing a result-oriented Magento developer gold coast can always turn out to be a tricky task. However, if you are patient enough to invest some time and effort for the cause, you can always find an ideal developer who can get the job done in a jiffy but effectively.

Experience & Expertise
The double E’s are one of the inevitable factors that should be on your checklist when you are in hunt for a gold coast Magento developer. Make it a point to ensure that the developer you are planning to stick with knows the platform like the back of his hand or s/he has at least three years of experience working with many Magento website builds. Just to be on the safer side, you might want to make a list of certified Magento professionals within your locality, though a website developer with a large number of similar sized Magento stores in his/her portfolio would be just as good. An experienced Magento developer can integrate and enable the right features in the website and this can proved to be vital when it comes to making your business successful.

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