Ultimate secrets to using Twitter for business profit and branding

Growing any business or taking it to the next level, can be one of the most challenging tasks for a small business owner. Building an identity or brand equity is essential for business growth. In the 2016 virtual and physical business environment, you have several options/resources that can be utilized to build a business identity. Social media is regarded to be the most powerful and influential resource, that can help you build brand equity. Among the different social media websites, Twitter is a high quality sales channel that can be utilized by small business, irrespective of its kind. Many small business owners are to afraid or write off twitter as an instant source of quality leads.

A lot of the reluctance to use twitter for small business comes from not taking the time to learn how to use it effectively. Fortunately it isn't a complicated task and their are many quality examples on youtube and on blog post such as this. Consider the following factors when it comes to using Twitter for business.

Create a flawless profile

Kick start your Twitter campaign by creating a professional profile. Ensure that you choose an ideal Twitter handle and a high definition logo and background image for your business Twitter profile. Additionally, come up with descriptive content about your company services to add below your Twitter logo and handle. Ensure that you link back your Twitter profile to your company website.

Tweet regularly

A healthy profile is characterized by multiple tweets per day. People will only follow a brand that caters useful information on a consistent basis. Try to encompass what your company does or is about in your tweets. Steer away from spamming and/or empty tweets that have little value to your audience as they will muddy the waters for the good stuff. It is also eminent to engage with your Twitter followers in the most appropriate manner, such as; personally reply to likes, followers, Always trying to engage in conversation with other users.

Optimize your tweets

Make it a point to tag each of your tweets with an image or video. Studies have proven that tweets without images or any media lack engagement. Use the right keywords and hastags with your tweets for better exposure.

Twitter marketing

If you can earmark some money for Twitter promotion, you can always pay someone to promote your tweets and to tweet something good about your products or services. This is where influencers can be worth gold. However good quality content will always see you right in the end and is more likely to be picked up by influencers for free. Remember one positive like, retweet from a twitter celeb could change your business for ever. Additionally, you can also use Twitter advertising service to promote your tweets by gaining better exposure.

Twitter Analytics

Ensure that you keep a close eye on Twitter analytics so that you can earn more followers from the same niche as yours. This helps you to catalyze the exposure of your business Twitter profile. We personally follower everyone who interacts with us. You can create your own policy.

When managing Twitter for any business, your ultimate goal should be to build a huge active follower base, preferably from the same niche your business is targeting. You can even try to give away special offers/coupon codes to your followers to achieve this goal.


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