Website Development Etiquette from Different Perspectives

Web Development Etiquette from Different Perspectives Today, you can find tons of businesses of different kinds out there. About 99% of these businesses come with a website. Therefore, being a businessmen aiming for success, it is vital that you incorporate the ‘wow’ factor to your website so as to become a standout one among your competitors. However, most of the businessmen are too busy or too novice when it comes to website development, planning or management. This literally gives you two types of website developers: a true web development professional or someone who is too busy to follow the web development etiquettes. With this blog, I plan to highlight the web development etiquette as observed by these two individuals.

When it comes to developing a business website, you literally have two options to start with, you can get it all done by yourself (obviously, you should know how to code) or you can hire a web development company. When choosing a company, you need t obag one like gold coast website developers. Irrespective of the option you stick with, it is essential that you are aware of the below listed web development etiquettes so that you can ensure that everything will get executed as planned and for good.

I have been developing websites 24/7 for the past 30 years and I consider these factors indispensible when it comes to developing a website from scratch.

Define Goals: Ask yourself (on behalf of a client if you are a programmer) about what you wish to achieve with your site and the type of audience that you are targeting. Always keep the goals in mind so as to ensure that everything is progressing as expected. Decide whether you need additional features like social media integration, logins etc.

Plan your moves: Website planning is one of the critical stages in the overall process, here we need to determine the page layout of each pages in the website post choosing a reliable host and domain name. You need to also decide upon the website architecture by foreseeing how the visitors are going to access and navigate through it.

Design: Design is always a pivotal aspect in web development which is also underestimated most of the times. As a matter of fact, you can easily enhance user experience by choosing the right color schemes, images, videos and other presentations to be included in your website. Your brand’s visual identity should always be running at the back of your mind when designing the website, this is vital even when you are choosing components like button and menus

Development: This is where things starts to heat up, start developing your website on an internal server. You can choose to hand code the website or can minimize the respective effort needed by choosing a reliable framework or content management system like Joomla, WordPress etc. It is always wise to choose the programming language and respective tools based on a research or reference from an experienced individual. Keep in mind the security aspects when developing your website and see the code written is bug free and clean. Always test and retest the website so as to analyze its performance and optimize it as required.

Go on Air: Now as it is texted an optimized, you can consider bringing the website out of the shell. Prior to getting this done, make sure that you run another extensive test for monitoring the functionality, performance as well as the security. See that you get these aspects checked from the client side and get a “go” from his/her side. Once you get the green signal, you can consider transferring the site to the domain name and host of the client and officially you are live.

Maintenance: don’t ever think that you published a website and that’s it, as a matter of fact, you are not done here, you should be aware of the fact that any websites will require constant maintenance. As a developer, you need to train the client to manage the basics of the website prior to handing over the respective documentation. You also have to offer support in terms of framework, license, plug-in upgrades or renewal.

Follow the above listed factors and you are golden or a true professional when it comes to developing a website. Website etiquettes can evolve with time and it is essential that you keep track of it so as to be on top or evergreen.

On the flip side, if you choose a novice web developer you can always end up in trouble. He/she might be able to deliver a website all right, but there is no point in having a website which is not responsive or which can’t deliver in terms of functionalities or user friendliness. Due to his lack of knowledge on web development, he doesn’t realize seriousness of the issue, as he sees it, the website looks up and running. As a matter of fact, even a minute aspect like loading time can reduce the affinity of any search engine towards your website, this alone, is enough to throw your business out of focus. A novice web developer is never aware of the effective coding strategies, however, he can deliver a website which looks fine, but the back end would be really messed up. Such website usually takes lots of time to load and comes with other bugs with time. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose gold coast web developer who knows what he is doing. Always try to learn more about website development programs, content management systems and respective components. This is something that literally will help you to save time and effort when it comes to finding a reputed web developer.

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