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First post and it's going to be about rubbishing the very blog thing I am creating today. We know all to well that having a blog isn't always the road to success for a website. While so called SEO specialist list it as one of the first things you should do there is a big flaw in this thinking.

The problem with using blogs for SEO

Here is the problem with blogs. You need good content! If you read articles about SEO the author will flipantly say "...just make sure you have compelling,unique and well written content...". Oh, thats all we need! that can't be hard? there's only 1,000s of newspapers with professional writers struggling with that problem everyday.

The average business owner and blogs

We find our average business/website owner isn't a world class writter and doesn't have compelling stories and tips to tell about their business. There is nothing wrong with this we know that while most business are passionate about being in business they arent hyper passionate like some of excitable American talkshow host. If they have been working hard all day they don't the energy or the interest in writing a one page blog post about the magic of being a gardener, plumber or builder.

Should business website owners blog for blogging's sack

No! Unless you can write professionally and with compelling content don't bother. Here is the reason why; Your users are looking closely at you any dent in your armour they will notice it and move on. While I don't think its fair for users to expect novel quality blogs from there local tradesmen. This never the less is exactly what they do. You will be judged very harshly for your mistakes.

Do users really notice

You bet they do. The amount of times I have had an email from a user about a monster site with one tiny little questionable grammar error on a deadend page is countless.

Don't give them the ammo.

Unfortuntely often the people who notice this stuff or the slightly off key comment you made are the same ones that will go on a 3 month mission posting it all over Facebook.

Why am I doing this

This is an experiment. Things change and while a blog hasn't suited us or yielded much in result in previous years. It is time to try it again and see if our search rankings increase. Currently we bounce around from page 2-4 for Gold Coast Website Developers so we have this bench market we are in a very competitive industry for SEO and the main difference I see with the top ranking sites is a blog. So lets see what happens after three Months! I maybe admitting I was wrong based on improved figures or just wasted a few ours a day.

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