Why is your content not being shared?

Creating awesome content can be a difficult task, but if you do not use the right strategies to promote it, all your efforts are in vain. Today, Social Media is considered the perfect tool to fuel your brand awareness campaigns, most switched on business owners use this platform to increase the reach of their business via content with the ultimate goal of business growth.

However, in a busy space how can you create content that will standout among the myriads of content pumped across social media on a daily basis? or Why is your content not getting shared, even though it is really informative?

Here are some of my thoughts, which revolve around are you adding value.

You are catering to the wrong audience

When starting a social media campaign, one of the initial factors to consider is to sort out the right audience. Finding the right audience makes your task easy and brings in good data, even when the response is poor. Trying to get your content to a wider audience can always backfire. Start in a very targeted fashion first.

Your audience doesn’t trust you

If you are planning to offer reports or statistics based content, it is important that you perform an extensive research and you have solid listed resources to back it up. Your audience will not share your content, unless they feel that it’s based on true and honest research.

Your content is not tagged with media

Images, infographics and videos are much more engaging as bait for luring in users to your content. In the current digital social world, posting content on social media without at least an image is considered a wasted post.

Your headline lacks the ‘wow’ factor

The power of headlines should never be underestimated as they mirror the modality of your content. It is inevitable that you craft intriguing headlines that would prompt the user to click through to your content and ultimately share it, provided your content is informative.

Make sure you deliver on your headline with relevant and interesting content.

You missed the share buttons

Well, this post is all about guiding you to get more shares for your content. However, if you don't have social media sharing (not linking to your social media pages) on your blog post pages, your making it much harder for users to share your content. Contact our mebsites.com coders and they can help set them up for you. If you wish to see how the share button works, feel free to try the ones used here, below this post.
Be proactive with your content strategy, try to create content on a consistent basis, rather than a huge amount and then nothing. It will help Google get you on a routine of regular indexing. Also ensure that your content is informative, adds value, insightful and research based.

Please don't hold back on publishing content for perfection, get it out as best you can. If you make a mistake learn from it and try to keep improving.


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