Why Magento Cart is perfect for Startups?

Why Magento Cart is perfect for Startups?

Magento is one of the reputable platforms for developing online shopping carts. If you are serious about making headway in your online business, Magento cart is an inevitable option. Magento cart is popular among both big shot and startup businesses. However, the platform is considered to be undeniably popular among the startups of today. There are several reasons that make Magento Cart perfect for the startups.

Magento Community: When you read a title that includes the words “Magento Cart” and “Startups”, you are bound to come across Magento Community Edition. Magento Community is one of the many packages tagged with Magento Cart and it is considered to be perfect for startups. The Magento Community bundle, comprises of products and tools is ideal for startups. One of the major aspects that contribute to its popularity is its simplicity. As a non-techie business owner, you can easily understand and work your way around Magento Community and come up with your own online store coupled with a suitable cloud solution. Magento Community can be easily theme'd with relatively cheap pre-made themes so that you can pick one that closely suits your business style and appearance. These can be modified with Magentos great cms or with the aide of a Developer. Magento Community also provides you with the provision of dividing your business into different subcategories as it supports opening multiple stores on different domains under the same admin panel. Magento Community also comes with a brilliantly integrated interface that will help you to effortlessly manage orders and customer accounts.

Community Support: Magento is backed up with a huge and active community. The community comprises of a hundreds of Magento certified professionals. Literally, the Magento community can bring your business opportunities in addition to being a great backbone of support. Furthermore with Magento being one of the most used shopping cart platforms, there is always a good source of professional and laymen support.

SEO & Mobile Friendly: One of the major factors that makes the Magento Cart popular is the SEO compatibility. The platform is highly compatible for SEO and you can control SEO on the pages, links and keywords in your website in such a manner so as to bring quality traffic to your online store. Magento Shopping cart themes are generally designed responsively (Always check before buying) and hence they blend in perfectly with different screen resolutions of tables, smartphones etc. This can turn out to be a vital feature as the shopping trend is showing a serious and quick inclination towards mobile usage. The difference between catering to mobile or not can mean large profit or loss for most online businesses.

Third Part Integration: With Magento, third party integration can be done effortlessly and in a jiffy. You can easily integrate Google Shopping, Facebook, PayPal, Accounting, Google Analytics etc with ease. It also has an API system which allows further expansion.

Powerful & Enhanced User Experience: You can manage up to 500,000 users on a site based on Magento. The site will also let you manage 80,000 plus orders per hour. Therefore, just about any online business has lots of room to improve, even with the out of the box Magento platform. This is one of the reasons why it is considered to be ideal for any online startup business. Magento also lets you easily add notifications or prompts in the checkout or the product pages, this is also something that contributes to enhancing user experience and admin experience.

Magento Cart can always be your one stop solution for online business. Always see that you dig deep into respective details prior to finalizing on any of its competitor platforms.

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