Being mobile friendly is a must

Google has put its foot down!

In April Google decided enough was enough and announced that if your website is not mobile friendly it would exclude it from mobile search results. This would in turn further hurt the websites total search results.

Apart from the tough love there are other real financial reasons to become responsive. Here is just a few of them.

1) 60% + of all local web searches are from mobile phones

Further more people our now using mobiles and tablets more than desktop and laptops. So if your excluded your cutting your potential advertising market in half or more.

2) Google Search ranks Mobile friendly sites higher

Wondering where to spend your next round of SEO marketing money. What ever you do, spend it on responsiveness first! It could be the most effective bang for buck you ever spend.

3) Users really do spend money online with their mobiles device

This figure is ever increasing, but from last check it was in excess of $300 per mobile device user in the last 12 months. That is a lot of money you are simply not even in the race for if you are not using a responsive website design.

4) Going one page or less pages

Letting is more frustrating on a mobile device than switching from page to page. While there can be some benefits to have product specific pages. There are more benefits to having longer topic driven pages. These topic related pages search very well in Google! Therefore they increase your search ranking and potential user lead generation base.

5) Killing Your Bounce Rate

One way to improve bounce rate and converstion is to make sure that people can instantly see your page is user friendly. If you analysis your bounce rate often you will see the highest bounce rates come from mobile devices...there is a reason for this! Make sure you don't just have a responsive website design, but a mobile friendly design.

6) Keeping your company at peoples users finger tips

Often as business/website owners we disconnect from our users. We often forget users often now watch TV in the evenings while browsing the internet on their phones. If a subject or item appears on TV that their interested in they will search for it. Guess what, if your site is top of mobile search you get first pick of the users and their spending power.

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