Zimbra email and Thinkfree Office suite

Using Zimbra email and Thinkfree office suite

We have tried so many different email systems over the years. They all have there pros and cons. However, when it is all said and done the default tends to be MS Office exchange. When I say default I really mean what you have to settle for.

We did the research...

For us as a tech company we couldn't imagine companies like Dell, Red Hat and Vodaphone using MS Outlook for there email system. As it turns out they don't. They use Zimbra, so this is what we decided to do.

We setup our test server and from the start it has been great. Very stable, customer love it (though they are often nervious to use the online interface). Customer retention is near 99% where when we were running MS Outlook exchange and a few of the other webbased options we had and endless cycle of cheap hosting based account to Outlook and back and the client was never happy.

Zimbra has all the basics and some really cool sharing features as well. Watch the video and judge for your self.

One of the other cool things about zimbra is you can add more features, such as our Thinkfree office suite is an integration we have setup. It doesn't live in zimbra as such it has it's own server in one of our datacenters and you access it through the zimbra panel.

We are working on the Zimbra Social Collabration software server now, so fingers cross Diego will have it done soon. I won't say to much, but I am very excited about it. We also plan to install the IM and Video chat system soon as well.

I'm happy to organise a 30 day trial for anyone/

Thinkfree office suite

Thinkfree is probably still ahead of its time, but it is so cool. If you have our thinkfree option you can have a full MS/iOS compatible Wordprocessor, Spreadsheet and Powerpoint system online and an app for your desktop which connects to your zimbra email account and online storage.

I love how I can get a file via email while I am out and edit it online with full functions then send it back. My daughter even uses it for her school work. MS office is just so buggy on her Win8 touch screen laptop she hates it. But good old zimbra and thinkfree and she is happy as a clamp. The best part is it was less than $30 for the year instead of a couple hundred for MS Office.

For more details see their promo video below.

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