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While the introduction of Googles Rankbrain AI system and the humming bird update have reduced the reliance of backlinking to rank a website in 2018. Backlinks do still remain a very powerful and effective means to indicate to Googles algorithms that your website has earned it’s place on page one of search results. The aim of Gold Coast backlinking SEO professionals is to earn backlinks by means that do not go against Googles terms of service and produce a positive effect to the target websites exact match keyword and overall ranking. What most people are unaware of is not all hyperlinks are equal and not all pass on their power the same. In some instances getting a link can be down right toxic and even attract a penalty for your website, which can lead to a de-index of your website effectively removing it from all search results.

Effective Back-linking

Out of all the processes and tricks in SEO, creating backlinks is one, that requires the most strict testing and measuring procedures. After all, the only way to really know what is effective is by running constant scientific SEO backlink tests and then apply the results to procuring links to your website. We constantly run scientific tests with some of the SEO industries leading researchers such as Sterling Marketing Intelligence so we know what is the latest and best methods to not only create and apply backlinking to your website, but also ensure the on-page SEO setup will facilitate the maximum results for your business. Consequently, we produce great stable website rankings for the long term in a timely fashion.

Our Backlinking Services

Note: We do not use what are referred to as risky blackhat backlinking methods and we operate under full disclosure so you know exactly what is going on.

Guest Posting – Blogger Outreach

Guest posting is a very effective method of earning backlinks in a natural fashion. We have thousands of blogging partners that we can submit a relevant article to which will introduce your product and service to a new market and produce click through traffic via the post and provide an effective relevant backlink. While this isn’t a strictly organic method it is a completely legitimate and recommend means of boosting your website ranking. We offer this service as a one off or part of our month SEO subscription plans.

Guest Post on DA10-30 Real Website


Guest Post on DA30+/- Real Website


Guest Post on DA40+/- Real Website


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Citation Building

One of the most effective means to get ranked locally in the what is called the local Google Map pack is to ensure your website or business is correctly listed in the most relevant directories and social media services. Many business aren’t interested in marketing via social media. However, it is still vitally important to gain control of your businesses social media profile as soon as possible. The reason being you will not run the risk of loosing your branding and worst case risk someone else gain control of your brand for malicious purposes. While creating accounts isn’t a particularly hard task it is labour intensive and if done wrong will hurt your rankings severally. We provide this as a done for you service and as part of our subscription search engine optimisation services. We also have citation boosting services for members.

Social Media Account Creation – 25 Profiles


Social Media Account Creation – 50 Profiles


Social Media Account Creation – 100 Profiles


Citation Creation – 25 Profiles


Citation Creation – 50 Profiles


Citation Creation – 200 Profiles


Press Releases

Press releases are still highly effective for branding, link building and of course the obvious getting the word out about a unique offer. Our press release offer includes a re-write of a current article or writing a new article around 1-2 keywords and one topic in an journalistic style. We then publish these through our network of news outlets.

Press Release – 350 Live Links


Quality Press release – 400 Live Links


ICO Press Release – 400 Submissions


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