A Guide to the Fastest Web Hosting In Australia

Why does little old Meb Media on the Gold Coast have the cheek to say they have one of the fastest web hosting systems available in Australia? Rather than talk about it, we thought we would just demonstrate it and explain why our setup works better.

Our web hosting points of difference:

1) We use data centres and racks with large compacity bandwidth.
You can have the fastest servers in the world, but if the ports are only 100mbs you’ll need have the bandwidth to consistently be fast. All our high-performance web servers have 1GB/s ports and have bandwidth compacity up to 500GB/s.

2) The data centres we use also have very large private bandwidth backbones, which extend all around the world. No need to be restricted to poor government policy.

3) Our High-Performance Ultra Servers all run on Solid State Drives, not the traditional and much slower HDD Drives. SSD based servers can run 40-100x times faster than their slower HDD counterparts. While you can argue smaller static websites benefit very little from this because they don’t require a lot of read/write power, websites platforms like; WordPress, Magento, Php MVC, Ruby, Laravel, eCommerce platforms benefit big league! Magento, for instance, loves SSD based hosting because of its high demand for read/write speed and Ram.

4) We sell dedicated CPU usage with our Performance-based website hosting

5) We have shared hosting plans with up to 10GB of Ram per account.

6) We use standardised high-performance server side caching by Litespeed. Testing shows Litespeed on its own running a WordPress site will outperform, Apache and W3TC plus Apache by ninety times. Litespeed’s specific Magento caching lowers CPU load around 42%, due to better parsing. It is also much easier to manage as a webmaster compared to Nginx + Varnish which often caches heavily and can be frustrating when doing updates. If you want your Magento store to load in under the elite 3-second mark this the web hosting for you.


WordPress Website Speed Comparsions

Litespeed’s test platforms included

LiteSpeed Enterprise (LSWS) using the popular W3 Total Cache and WPRocket WordPress cache plugins, as well as with our LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress.
Apache using the W3 Total Cache and WPRocket WordPress cache plugins.
Our results showed Apache (with keep-alive enabled) peaking around 1,300 and 700 requests per second with W3TC and WPRocket, respectively.

With the exact same setup, LSWS with W3TC and WPRocket delivered around 4,800 requests per second, an improvement factor of over 2.6x or 6x respectively.

Using the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress with LSWS easily handled close to 5,200 requests per second.

fastest web hosting

Magento CPU Load with different Caching

This graph shows the effects that SSL has on average server load when requesting web pages, with caching enabled and each page being parsed, with each user visiting 1-10 & 100 pages before leaving. After visiting 10 pages, we see that LiteSpeed Enterprise + LiteMage Cache has 45% lower load than LiteSpeed Enterprise 5.1.9 + LiteMage 1.2.4, 240% lower load than Apache + Varnish, and 172% lower load than Nginx + Varnish.

7) High-Speed E-Commerce Specific website Hosting Packages. E-Commerce platforms tend to require much more RAM, CPU, Faster read/write speeds and also need special server-side caching stacks to run fast. We have specific platform caching stacks for; Magento, WordPress Woocommerce, osCommerce and Joomla. We also recommend choosing the Australian based SSD eCommerce Web hosting for Australian sales or the High-Performance Offshore version for global sales targeting.

8) DDOS Protection – We have real server data centre side DDOS protection. Also, we are compatible with Cloudflare and recommend every client uses their DNS.

9) Outstanding support for hosting, Web, SEO issues. Our team is happy to help out with any issue that we offer as a service.

10) Cloudlinux is installed on every server to ensure security and make sure your resources remain yours.

If you would like to try a $1 dollar for 30 days hosting test drive just contact us HERE