How to plan your eCommerce marketing calendar for the Australian market 2016/2017

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Running an online eCommerce store is always a humongous task that constitutes a lot of factors, such as; foreseeing sales opportunities and planning marketing for key yearly events well ahead of time. Having a calendar with all the important marketing dates for eCommerce in Australia is one indispensable tool, when it comes to gearing up for any upcoming sales opportunities. Users are always more likely to consider your store when they are subtle prompted bound to remember key retail dates like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter etc. If you foresee this fact and act wise, you can not only be successful with your business, but you can also satisfy people who wish to make such days extra special.

The inevitable steps to crafting the perfect eCommerce calendar

Identifying the latest shopping trends and anticipating pertinent trends is always an ideal means to go about planning the perfect 2016 eCommerce calendar for Australia. Skim through below given checklist prior to planning an eCommerce calendar.

• Study the shopping trends
• Plan your budget
• Plan your stock and inventory &
• Devise a flawless marketing strategy

Online tools like Google Trends can give you a clear picture of the trend for products and services against different seasons/months in a year. You can also keep a close eye on social media to glean information about the most popularly discussed product or service. Sites like Buzzsumo can be helpful in identifying the most discussed topic on social media. Identify the right products and plan a marketing strategy that is really innovative and falls within your budget at the same time.

Plan ahead of time to ensure that your craft a flawless strategy. Invest some time and effort to study your competitors and try to trace back the marketing activities of some of your successful competitors. Try to devise a strategy that is literally an improved version of your competitor’s, to stay on top.

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