Our top Online business and eCommerce trends for 2017

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Here is our concise list of the coming trends for 2017 for online businesses and marketing.


Basically, anything Snapchat is hot right now. We suggest you spend a good chunk of time working out how you can integrate Snapchat into your business.

Some current trends:
Customer outreach
Promotions and sales
New products
Product demos
Cross branding sharing


Bots are hot right now. With integration with AI API being available just about any company with minimal invest can have a really cool chatbot or automated bot taking a lot the chore out of the generic workload.

Chatbots for basic support activities
Chatbots for sales
Chatbots for search and product assistance
Chatbots for social media integration

Bots for automating online tasks
Bots for automated marketing tasks


We are picking integrating the online world to the bricks and mortar world will be the hot coding development. Many business owners are basically operating two businesses a virtual and a physical...two of everything in some cases.

  • Imagine having all stock integrated between the two in real time?
  • Imagine picking and shipping is automated and integrated with your online

  • Accounting is fully integrated
  • Manufacturing, Warehousing, Sales, marketing are all integrated live online/offline

  • Online sales, social media and newsletter marketing are all integrated.

  • Point of sale is integrated with your eCommerce store and stock
  • Sales force are integrated to your eCommerce store
  • Wholesale ordering is integrated to your eCommerce store

    Social Media engagement

    Social media engagement with customers is going to become a 24/7 operation for nearly every business and this will drive part of the automation bot industry. It is already commonplace for some industries, but all businesses will be reaching out and creating little social communities for your businesses.

    Live streaming

    This is already gaining a lot of ground with; Donald Trump, buffer and many others doing live streams on facebook and periscope.

    It is very very effective, if you can get in early you will be very much ahead of the curve. Much like many youtube stars start humble you can too.

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