Top 10 reasons to move to Magento

So your in business online and things are going well. However now you are running into growing and techincal limits. It doesn't seem like your site can handle the traffic and the facilities to remarket and/or manage more items and customers just arent there.

So here are the top

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Dealing with difficult clients

10 Difficult stereo type clients and how to deal with them

Mebsites is really four different business is one that complient each other; Website Development, Design and graphics, Website hosting and cloud services and Support/After sales.

As an owner and active member of the support desk we deal with

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Content Management Systems

Top tips about Website content management systems

Define the use you want for the content management system from the start

Be for you jump into any (CMS) content management system first define what you want to be able to do and how often, such as; just content text, update/make

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Website hosting uptime report

January Mebsites UltraHosting uptime report

Another month we have keep over 99.57% uptime as monitored by third party tester This includes schedule restarts and maintainance. Our internal server uptime is 100% however this is different from having a third party assessing our systems externally every minute months

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Mebsites Hosting Joins FB ThreatExchange

Online Tech Giants Created Threat Exchange Service

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and its parent company Yahoo, Dropbox, Bitly and other companies has teamed up to launch ThreatExchange – service that allows to share information on hacker attacks and other Internet security threats.


Facebook has made an official announcement, saying the project

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Too cloud or not to cloud

Moving to cloud based office servers

I love the cloud. I recommend it for anyone, with conditions.

The reason I recommend it is because, the office computer, network or home computer are natorious for going down and loosing all your data. How many of use have lost everything. Infact it's

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